Energy Saving Trust Recommended

Great news! Various CDA appliances are now recommended by the Energy Saving Trust. Integrated washing machine CI394, integrated intelligent dishwasher VW80 and integrated slimline dishwasher CW448 now display the Energy Saving Recommended logo, a sure sign that these appliances are the most efficient in their category. They will cost less to run and help prevent climate change. They will use less water too!

Energy Saving Recommended appliances have to meet strict criteria to qualify for the scheme. All Energy Saving Recommended washing machines need to be AAA rated: A for energy efficiency, A for spin efficiency and A for wash performance; there is also a maximum level for the amount of power they are allowed to draw while in ‘standby’. An Energy Saving Recommended dishwasher uses 20% less energy than an old model, which will save you around £12 per year on your electricity bill and 48 kilograms of CO2. And if your water is metered, you’ll also save money by using less water per wash cycle.

Add up the savings

If everyone in the UK replaced their old washing machine with an Energy Saving Recommended model over £12 million a year could be saved from our energy bills! If everyone in the UK replaced their old dishwasher with an Energy Saving Recommended model £40 million a year would be saved and 170,000 tonnes of CO2. It costs around 20% less to run a cycle on an energy saving dishwasher as it does on an old, inefficient machine. To add to the benefits, Energy Saving Recommended dishwashers also use less water.