Induction Hobs


HN6111FR Four zone induction hob

The HN6111FR is a simple, stylish and extremely functional induction hob with fo READ MORE...ur cooking zones and seamless touch controls that allow fast, responsive and energy efficient cooking on an easy to clean glass surface.... READ LESS...


HN6013FR 60cm 4 zone Plug and Play induction hob

The HN6013FR is our new induction hob with a reduced depth to fit 12mm worktops READ MORE...above a drawer pack & 28mm worktops above XL ovens. It has a new design and user interface, increased power levels, easy connection to 13amp and comes with a plug! More features include a timer, pause function, child lock and residual heat indicator... READ LESS...


HN6112FR 60cm 4 zone induction hob

The HN6112FR is our new induction hob with a reduced depth to fit 12mm worktops READ MORE...above a drawer pack and 28mm worktops above XL ovens. It has a sleek design and comes packed with features including a timer, pause function, child lock,residual heat indicator and 3 new programmes, precision melt, simmer and keep warm... READ LESS...


HN6860FR 60cm HoodConnect induction hob

The HN6860FR is our new 60cm induction hob with Hood Connect feature. This allow READ MORE...s your hob and hood to operate seamlessly between each other, allowing auto operation of the hood when using your hob. Other great features include 4 Precision programmes for ease of cooking: Melt, simmer, keep warm and Sear. The HN6860FR also packs in the following: Pause function, child lock, residual heat indicators, timer and bridging function. CDA Hood model CCH60BL required for Hood connect function. The HN6860FR fits in a 12mm worktop above a drawer pack & 28mm worktop above an XL Oven offering great flexibility and easy installation.... READ LESS...


HN3615FR Domino two zone induction hob



HN6412FR Four zone eco induction hob

The HN6412FR four zone induction hob has front electronic touch control with an READ MORE...LED display. The hob has 9 power levels all with a booster function to speed up boiling time, a keep warm function to maintain heat within the pan and a timer which can cut the zone off when it has reached the set time. The hob is easy to clean and made from ceramic shatterproof glass for added safety. The hob is also configurable for more flexibility on installation.... READ LESS...


HN6732FR Four zone induction hob

The HN6732FR four zone induction hob has front electric touch control with an LE READ MORE...D display. The hob has 9 power levels to control your cooking, 1 bridge zone to accommodate larger cookerware and a timer which can cut the zone off when it has reached the set time. The HN6732FR is easy to clean with a sleek black ceramic shatterproof hob top. ... READ LESS...


HN6841FR Four zone induction hob

The HN6841FR is a four zone induction hob. The design and function are perfectly READ MORE... combined in the HN6841FR with brilliant, usable features like a timer, booster, additional safety features and simmer or melt settings. As well as being functional, this hob features an illuminated front bevelled edge for extra style in your cooking area.... READ LESS...


HN9611FR Five zone induction hob

Packed with cooking functions and additional safety features, the HN9611FR allow READ MORE...s you to boost, melt, simmer or even pause cooking by simply pressing the stylish touch controls. Built-in safety features like anti-overflow, anti-overheat, small object detection and a safety key lock give peace of mind in the kitchen for the whole familys safety.... READ LESS...


HN9626FR Four zone induction hob

The HN9626FR is a 90cm linear induction hob. It provides the best in induction c READ MORE...ooking and linear styling, working particularly well with our EDD61/91 and 3D9 downdraft extractors. It comes with a touch control panel, 9 power levels, an easy clean surface, residual heat indicators for safety, booster function, pause/restart function to avoid losing cooking settings, safety key lock for piece of mind, timer, and time limit security system to make this both a highly functional and stylish piece of kitchen equipment.... READ LESS...


Induction Hobs from CDA 

For cooks looking to transition from traditional gas or electric hobs, induction hobs are the next frontier in cooking. As responsive as gas, with the clean glass surface of ceramic, induction is also extremely energy efficient due to the way in which it warms the pan with virtual zero residual heat. 

Our induction hobs are not just practical, but also come in a range of designs and sizes with a whole host of different functions to choose from.

Take for example our 90cm linear induction hob. Unlike a standard 60cm induction hob it has a depth of just 35cm with each cooking zone in a row, it’s perfect for those that want to install an induction hob with downdraft extractor. The linear design means it can fit comfortably into a standard depth carcass with a 90cm downdraft extractor to provide excellent cooking capabilities and all the practical functions required without the need for eye level cupboards or extractors.

a picture of an induction hob

What is an induction hob? 

Induction hobs are one of the major revolutions in cooking technology. This is because induction doesn’t heat the ring, it heats your pan directly. 

When you turn on an induction hob, a magnetic field underneath activates, when it comes into contact with a suitable pan or cooking pot, that magnetic energy is conducted which in turn transfers to the food, heating it up. You can learn more about how induction cooking works in our handy guide.

All other types of hob use rings as a direct source of heat. However, with an induction hob, there’s only ever direct heat transfer between food and pans, meaning there’s no residual heat from the hob. This means induction is a much safer method of cooking as well as being much more energy efficient.

Why choose an induction hob?

The induction hob is a smart, quick and safe way to efficiently prepare food. All you have to do is press a few buttons and induction takes care of everything else!

The speed at which induction hobs cook food is faster than a regular electric hob as the heat is instantaneous, much like gas. If you like the speed that gas offers, but don’t like working with an open flame, then an induction hob is definitely the hob of choice. This cooking method allows you to have precise temperature control, as well as the ability to switch between high-heat and low heat within seconds.

Better yet, due to the nature of how heat is created, a prominent feature of the induction hob is that it cooks evenly all over. As a result, there are no overcooked and undercooked parts in one dish.

The additional safety benefits of induction cooking, like overflow protection to prevent pans from boiling over, small object detection and pause/restart functions that give you the freedom to answer the phone, door or deal with the immediate needs of your family, means it’s as easy as possible to deal with everyday life.

Not only that, induction also offers some unrivalled flexibility when it comes to your cooking space. For example, choosing an induction hob with bridging function means that if you have a large pan or cooking pot that wouldn’t typically fit on one cooking zone, you can cook across two zones simultaneously without the worry of cold spots or lots of residual heat.

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