Island Extractors


ECNK91SS Flat glass island extractor

The ECNK91SS Flat glass island extractor has a contemporary style that not only READ MORE...looks great from any angle, it features 3 speeds, touch control and has an impressive A++ rating for energy efficiency. It also has built in LED lights which supply good illumination of the cooking area.... READ LESS...


ECPK91SS Curved glass island extractor

The CDA ECPK91SS is an excellent focal point for any kitchen island. The extract READ MORE...or has 3 speeds and push button control with 4 LED lights for optimal illumination.... READ LESS...


EVPK92SS Linear island extractor

The CDA EVPK92SS is a contemporary stainless steel island extractor with 3 speed READ MORE...s plus an intensive boost speed. The EVPK92SS has a touch control panel, bright LED lighting and a 15 minute timer allowing the extractor to switch off automatically after cooking if required... READ LESS...


EKPK90BL Curved glass island extractor with edge lighting

The EKPK90BL is a stylish curved glass island extractor with LED edge lighting i READ MORE...n three colours, blue, red and green. It has 3 speeds, touch control and built in LED lights to provide good illumination of the cooking area.... READ LESS...


EKPK90SS Curved glass island extractor with edge lighting

The EKPK90SS is a stylish curved glass island extractor with LED edge lighting i READ MORE...n three colours, blue, red and green. It has 3 speeds, touch control and built in LED lights to provide good illumination of the cooking area.... READ LESS...


Island Cooker Hoods from CDA

If you’re cooking at an island unit, then you should consider an island extractor fan which can be installed and suspended from the ceilings directly above your hob. With a specialised island cooker hood you can choose from more traditional chimney designs with stunning curved glass canopies, like the EKPK90BL island canopy hood, to minimalist flat designs like the ECNK90SS flat glass island extractor.

Island hobs have become a popular addition in many open-plan kitchens. Traditionally, most hobs and ovens are installed against a wall which can give you more freedom when it comes to the type of extractor fan you can install. 

Islands are a wonderful addition to a kitchen as they can help make cooking a more sociable experience. Whether you have bar stools for eating at or cooking appliances installed in your kitchen island, it’s a great way for home chefs to interact and engage with family and friends while preparing meals. Adding an island hood ensures that your home remains fresh and odour free.

What is an island cooker hood?

Some types of extractor fan, like a traditional chimney extractor fan or integrated cooker hood, aren’t suitable for use with an island hob. This is because they require a wall or wall units for installation and can’t be positioned close enough to your island hob to effectively catch steam, grease and cooking odours. 

Without proper ventilation and extraction, unwanted dirt and moisture will quickly settle on surfaces, including any cookbooks and utensils on display. This makes cleaning your kitchen a more gruelling task and the build up of moisture can encourage mould growth and damage cabinet paintwork over time. 

This is where an island extractor fan comes in. Specifically designed to go over an island, they can be mounted from the ceiling, allowing you to position it correctly above your hob for maximum efficiency.


How do you install an island cooker hood?

Island cooker hoods are flexible in installation and you can choose to duct the air outside, or use charcoal filters to recycle and recirculate cleaned air back into your kitchen.

Our entire island extractor fan range can be ducted to the outside or recirculated, so which model you choose to install is down to your preference. Some customers prefer the easier installation of a recirculated extractor fan, but with the right planning, ducting can actually be fitted in your ceiling void for a seamless finish.  

To find out more information about installation for a particular model, you can download the user manual.

What features does an island extractor fan have?

As you’d expect from such a modern looking kitchen appliance, our island extractor fans are filled with convenient features to make cooking easier. 

  • LED lighting right where you need it: All of our range comes with LED task lighting so you can illuminate your cooking area. 
  • Multiple Extraction Speeds: Different meals will create different amounts of steam, and you need an extractor fan that can respond to this. With adjustable extraction speeds, you can rest assured your island extractor fan can keep up with whatever you’re cooking. 
  • Timers to automatically turn off your extractor: You’ll often want to leave your extractor fan running after cooking to capture any lingering steam and food odours… but you don’t want to get up in the middle of your meal to turn it off! Our timer function means you can set your extractor fan to turn off automatically at a time that suits you. 

For a full guide and explanation of our extractor features, read our buying guide for jargon-busting descriptions and practical hints and tips to help you get the most out of your CDA island extractor.

What types of extractor fan can you fit over an island hob?

As we’ve discussed, you can’t install wall-mounted extractor fans for use with an island hob, but there are alternatives to a standard island extractor if you’d prefer something else. 

If you’d prefer a more flush, minimalist design you might want to consider a ceiling extractor or downdraft extractor.

  • Downdraft extractor fans: These nifty extractor fans can be installed to the side or behind your hob. All they require is space underneath your countertop as when not in use, they can descend underneath your work surface with the touch of a button. 
  • Ceiling extractor fans: Installed to sit flush with your ceiling, ceiling extractor fans are perfect for minimalist kitchens and you don’t have to worry about how you’ll reach to turn it on and off as all our models come with a remote control. 

Register Your CDA Island Hood Warranty 

Your new island extractor fan is likely going to be used daily, which is why you want to make sure it’s able to stand the test of time. At CDA, we offer a standard two year labour warranty and five years part warranty on all of our appliances. This gives you peace of mind that if there are any problems with your appliance, we’ll only be a phone call away to help you fix it. 

We’re known for our high-quality appliances at CDA and we want to make sure that your new kitchen appliance from us will become a useful addition to your kitchen for many years.

Register your product online after purchase to activate your warranty.

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