Integrated Freezers


CRI681 Integrated full height frost free freezer

The CRI681 is a full height frost free integrated freezer. It boasts 8 storage c READ MORE...ompartments, electronic temperature control and a fast freeze function supported by a fast freezing tray, which allows you to add your shopping and freeze it quickly to lock in the nutrients. The reversible door means it will fit into any kitchen seamlessly and the frost free functions means you will never have to defrost your freezer again. All of these great features are rounded off with beautiful chromed edging on the shelves. ... READ LESS...


FW284 Integrated/ under counter freezer

The FW284 is a 60cm integrated/ under counter freezer. It features 3 storage com READ MORE...partments, an ice cube tray, and a 4 star freezer rating.... READ LESS...


FW381 Integrated/ under counter freezer

The FW381 is a 60cm integrated/ under counter freezer. It features 3 storage com READ MORE...partments, ice cube tray, and a 4 star freezer rating... READ LESS...


FW482 Integrated in-column freezer

The FW482 is a 4 star in-column freezer. It features 4 storage compartments and READ ice cube tray.... READ LESS...


FW582 Integrated three-quarter height freezer

The FW582 is a three-quarter height integrated freezer. It boasts 5 storage comp READ MORE...artments, fast freeze function and comes with an ice tray, making it a highly efficient and capacious store for your frozen food.... READ LESS...


FW881 Integrated full height freezer

The FW881 is a full height, integrated freezer. It boasts 7 storage compartments READ MORE..., a temperature warning light, fast freeze function and comes with an ice cube tray making it a highly energy efficient and capacious store for your frozen food.... READ LESS...


Integrated Freezers from CDA

Long term food storage, designed to be installed straight into your kitchen cabinetry. Just because it is not needed right away, doesn’t mean that you want to store it miles away. Keep your frozen food on hand with a CDA built-in freezer.

Storing frozen food in a shed, garage or outbuilding might seem like a fantastic solution but your appliance may not be equipped to withstand the cold temperatures that this country can get down to in the depths of winter. 

The best bet is for you to store frozen food in an appliance fitted inside the house, where the environment can be controlled and your appliance kept safe from shock temperatures and potential damp conditions.

Styling Your Appliances to Suit Your Home

Freezers are not the prettiest of appliances, let’s be honest. They feature little or no glass due to their need to be opaque and simply resemble a large, characterless box full of cold stuff. Fitting a freezer behind a cabinet door that matches the rest of your kitchen design is a smart idea as all the action goes on ‘behind closed doors’.

Having the long term storage in your kitchen is also convenient because you can quickly get a chicken breast out for supper, at breakfast time or grab a cupful of frozen peas for your paella recipe, just when you need them…not to mention the late-night choc ice craving scenario. Who wants to traipse down to the garage in their slippers for any of these things?

Capacity to Meet Your Needs

What size you need will depend entirely on your food storage requirements. If you shop regularly, change your mind about what is for dinner as the week goes on or eat loads of fresh salads and fruit then a large fridge and smaller freezer could be the solution for you.

Our FW381 Integrated under-counter freezer is small enough to fit in a crowded kitchen and would suit a home that focuses on fresh food more so than frozen. It can also be paired perfectly with our FW321 integrated under-counter fridge.

For medium-sized households (or small but hungry ones), our FW582 Integrated three-quarter height freezer offers extra space, without needing to stretch to a full-height freezer. This model still squeezes in five storage compartments, to make sure you have plenty of space to store your frozen food.

And for truly hungry hordes, our FW882 integrated full height freezer is a larder style freezer with 7 separate compartments, plenty of space for food storage for the whole family.

It is important to make sure you pick the built-in freezer that best suits your needs. If you get one that is too big, with only a few items rattling around empty drawers, it will cost more to run. As well as hiking up your energy bills, it can also expand your carbon footprint. For more tips on how to work out what size freezer you need, check out our refrigeration capacity guide

With the CDA range of integrated freezers, you have plenty of choices so you can select a freezer that fits your needs perfectly.

Keeping Your Food Fresh

A freezer is an essential appliance for every family now. Helping to store enough food to have something on standby when needed, as well as giving you the opportunity to make the most of bulk buy offers in the shops, batch cooking and meal prepping. 

All of our integrated freezers come with a fast freeze function that allows you to chill down your food to a safe temperature super quick. Freezing your food fast keeps it at its freshest. Texture and taste are preserved. It also keeps your food safe, and stops newly added dishes from warming the rest of your frozen food up.

Many of our freezers also come with frost-free technology. This means you won’t ever have to worry about food getting freezer burn or the hassle of manually defrosting your freezer again!

Are integrated freezers a standard size?

Integrated freezers are always made to fit behind kitchen cabinet doors. As kitchen cabinets come in a standard size (60cm wide by 60cm deep) the size of integrated appliances is pretty standardised too.

Integrated freezers tend to be smaller than freestanding freezers are. They are almost always more shallow to allow space for ventilation and fitting of decor doors.

However integrated freezers do still come in a range of heights. This gives a range of capacities to suit household sizes. 

For small homes where there aren’t too many fridge raiders, smaller under-counter integrated freezers are a smart option.

For larger homes, with lots of people looking to graze, a three-quarter freezer or a tall built-in freezer are a better choice.

Can you integrate a chest freezer?

We wouldn’t recommend it. It is only really possible to properly integrate freezers that are specifically built for that purpose.  

This is because all refrigeration appliances require ventilation to run effectively. Otherwise, they are likely to overheat. 

Can an integrated freezer be used as freestanding?

It is not really sensible to use an integrated freezer as a freestanding one. As they are made to be hidden behind a cabinet door, integrated appliances have a far less appealing appearance than their freestanding family who are designed to be admired. They also don’t have handles, which can make opening them a little more difficult.

Integrated appliances can also cost a little more, to cover the engineering that goes into making them. Their ventilation has to be so specifically designed.

Get in Touch With CDA

At CDA we’re always happy to answer your questions and offer any support we can in helping you find the right freezer to suit you. If you’re looking for wider support, you can check our buying advice on refrigeration features or consult our refrigeration FAQ.

And if you have a specific question about any of our refrigeration appliances, you can always contact us directly.