Integrated Fridges


CRI551 Integrated under counter fridge with ice box

The CRI551 is a F energy rated under counter fridge with ice box. It makes effic READ MORE...ient use of space with a salad crisper compartment, 2 in-door balconies and 2 glass shelves. The 4 star rated icebox ensures safe longer term storage of food and the reversible door and height adjustable feet ensure easy installation into your kitchen.... READ LESS...


CRI621 Integrated full height larder fridge

The CRI621 is a full height, integrated larder fridge. Offering 5 glass shelves, READ MORE... 2 salad crisper drawers, 5 in-door balconies, 1 chromed wire bottle/wine shelf and 1 egg tray. This appliance also comes with LED interior light, reversible doors and height adjustable feet to make it the perfect flexible storage space. ... READ LESS...


FW224 Integrated/ under counter larder fridge

The FW224 is a 60cm integrated larder fridge.It features 3 glass shelves, 2 sala READ MORE...d crisper compartments and 2 in door balconies. It is also clear and easy to use with its electronic control.... READ LESS...


FW254 Integrated/under counter fridge with ice box

The FW254 is an under counter fridge with ice box. It makes efficient use of spa READ MORE...ce with a salad crisper compartment, 2 in-door balconies and 2 glass shelves. The 4 star rated icebox ensures safe longer term storage of food and the reversible door and height adjustable feet ensure easy installation into your kitchen.... READ LESS...


FW321 Integrated/under counter larder fridge

The FW321 is a 60cm integrated larder fridge. It features 3 stainless steel edge READ MORE...d glass shelves, a salad crisper and bottle compartment.... READ LESS...


FW422 Integrated in-column larder fridge

The CDA FW422 is an Integrated in-column larder fridge. It has a reversible door READ MORE... and height adjustable feet for easy installation and an interior light for ease of use.... READ LESS...


FW522 Integrated three-quarter height fridge

The FW522 is a three-quarter height fridge, it comes with 4 glass shelves plus 1 READ MORE... salad crisper drawer and 3 in door balconies for flexible and plentiful food storage solutions.... READ LESS...


FW822 Integrated full height larder fridge

The FW822 is an integrated full height larder fridge. It comes with loads of gre READ features and maximum space capabilities. With its huge 316L net capacity you will be sure never to run out of chilled storage space. The interior furniture of this fridge includes 6 safety glass shelves, with the addition of a foldable wine rack, 2 large salad crispers and 5 in door balconies. The electronic control panel allows for easy temperature selection and the LED interior top and side strip lighting adds clear and crisp illumination. Combine with the FW882 freezer for the perfect food storage space.... READ LESS...


Integrated Fridges from CDA

Your kitchen design may not want a standout refrigeration piece. That is where our integrated fridges come in. Discreetly hidden behind cabinet doors, these models perform brilliantly to keep food ready to go and on hand in the kitchen.

Fridge Sizes to Suit Your Needs

At the start of the size scale, there are under-counter integrated fridge models for smaller households and kitchens with limited space. These fridges sit below your worktop and open just like any other low level cupboard in your kitchen, with a cabinet door fitted to the front of the appliance. 

We also offer an under-counter fridge with icebox, which is the perfect addition for those that don’t want a full size freezer but still want the option to freeze a small amount of food.

If you are installing a fridge in a taller wall unit then an in-column larder fridge will give you the same integrated convenience but with more food storage space inside. 

We also offer a three-quarter height fridge, not only does it have ample food storage space for a family, but if space is at a premium in your kitchen, the height means you have the flexibility to conveniently install other appliances above them, such as a built-in microwave.

At the other end of the size scale and one that’s perfect for larger families, is the full height built-in fridge. Offering 6 shelves, two salad drawers and 5 door balconies, there’s enough food storage for the hungriest of hordes! Pair with a full height built-in freezer and you’ll never be short of space for all your food ever again.

Innovative Features to Make Life Easier

All our integrated refrigeration models have LED interior lighting which is bright and energy-efficient, lasting up to 50 times longer than an incandescent bulb.

They also come with adjustable shelves and balconies in the door, to keep your storage space flexible and make sure you can accommodate all your shopping.

Finally, our integrated fridges have reversible doors. The joy of an integrated fridge is seeing it slip seamlessly into your kitchen so we’ve made sure you don’t have to compromise your fridge positioning at all.

Impressively Energy Efficient Food Storage

Plus our whole range of fridges are F rated for energy-efficiency meaning they are easy on your bills and easy on the planet.

Get The Best From Your Fridge

To find out what storage capacity will best suit your requirements, take a look at our guide to fridge capacity for advice on what each capacity means in real terms. 

Ever wondered if that bottle of ketchup should go in the fridge or not? We’ve also debunked the myths and created a traffic light guide for you to help provide information on how to best organise your fridge.

Can you replace an integrated fridge?

It is possible to replace an integrated fridge. Possible, but not always easy.

If your integrated fridge does stop working, it is always best to call out an engineer. Any repairs or replacements will involve taking off the furniture door and potentially fiddling with the whole cabinet, which can be an awkward process if it’s not something you’re familiar with. 

If your integrated fridge does need to be replaced, it’s important to ensure you measure it precisely so that the new built-in fridge will fit properly in the same cavity.

Is an integrated fridge a good idea?

We think so! We can’t deny there is a cost difference between an integrated and a freestanding fridge

It is a justifiable investment though. 

The key benefit of a built-in fridge is their space saving properties. As they only take up room that would have been used by cupboards, they are a particularly welcomed addition in smaller kitchens where both floor and surface area is limited. They can fit into a space that already exists without the need to reconfigure, unlike a freestanding appliance that will need a dedicated space. 

Having an integrated fridge also means that your kitchen can look uniform and lovely, without the often intrusive appearance of appliances.

How tall are integrated fridges?

Integrated fridges come in a similar range of heights as freestanding ones.

For people who don’t store much fresh food, an under counter fridge is less than a meter tall and will fit under most kitchen worktops. 

Three-quarter height fridges and in-column fridges are a taller option and are designed to sit in a taller cabinet, so they aren’t usually installed under a worktop.

Alternatively, if you eat almost entirely fresh food and need tons of space to store it in, the tall larder fridge might be your best option. Standing at just over 1.7m tall they’re equivalent in height to their freestanding counterparts, the only difference is they need to be mounted in a full length cupboard. But its impressive 300+ ltr capacity means that space is well used.

The width and depth of all integrated appliances tend to be standardised. This is so they can fit inside standard size cabinet carcasses. But when it comes to height, the choice is yours depending on how much capacity you need for your home.

Get in Touch with CDA

There aren’t many appliances that have to stay switched on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. CDA integrated fridges are built with this intense work schedule in mind, energy-efficient and long-lasting.

But if something does happen to your fridge, you can be reassured that all registered CDA appliances get 5-year parts and 2-year labour warranty.

We’re also on hand to help you keep your fridge performing at its best with these refrigeration tips. And if you’ve got more questions about your CDA fridge or need help choosing one to fit your needs, then contact us for further support.