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CDA Ovens

Whatever your signature cooking style, there’s a CDA integrated oven that will perfectly suit. Our range of single and double ovens have been designed to offer cutting-edge technology so you have options to perfectly suit your kitchen needs.

Need to maximise space? We have a range of ovens that can seamlessly fit underneath your countertop like our DC741SS built-under double oven. Want an oven where you can cook at eye level to keep a careful eye on your baking? We have single and double ovens that can be built into cabinets for ease of access, like the SK511SS eleven function pyrolytic oven.

All of our innovative cooking technology is made to the highest standard and quality tested to ensure you have a new kitchen appliance that will last. Our ovens aren’t just practical either, they’re incredibly stylish. Most of our ovens are available in either a sleek black or professional looking stainless steel to suit both traditional and modern kitchens.



Single Ovens & Double Ovens from CDA

Ovens are an essential kitchen appliance so making sure you choose the right oven for your cooking needs is incredibly important. Whether you’re completely renovating your kitchen designs or simply replacing an out of date model, you want to make sure you choose an oven that you’ll love for years to come. 

Our CDA buying guide will help you understand all of the functions and features available to you so you can find the perfect oven for your home. We offer a comprehensive range of electric ovens ranging from single cavity fan ovens to built-in and built-under double ovens

There are so many features and functions to choose from for your new CDA oven, including cooking settings, defrosting, self-cleaning and automatic cooking programmes! View our CDA oven function guide so you can decide which features are best suited to your cooking style.

Ovens That Can Cook Everything You Need

If you have a big family, or love hosting, it’s important to choose an oven that can keep up with you! Many of the models in our range now feature an extra-large 77L capacity cavities, like our single cavity SL100SS Seven Function Fan Oven. These have been designed with an extra shelf and additional width space inside the oven, but it is still only 60cm so even though you have additional cooking space, you don’t have to give up additional space in your kitchen! 

With these extra large cooking cavities, even on a single oven, you won’t have to worry about being able to fit the entire Sunday roast in.


Ovens That Are Built to Last & Easy to Care For

We’ve created a range of helpful guides to make sure you understand oven capacity, oven fuel types and helpful advice on how to keep your oven sparkling clean. 

Our ovens are built to last, with high quality designs and are manufactured to the highest standard.  CDA ovens look incredibly modern, which means they’re perfect for transforming the look of your kitchen. Not only do they look great, but they also perform how modern machinery should – high powered, efficient and reliable.


Practical Ovens Perfect For Family Life

We manufacture both single and double ovens in order to cater for all kinds of family life. Double ovens, as you would expect, are capable of cooking around twice as much food at one time, although typically the top cavity will be slightly smaller than the bottom cavity. The bottom cavity will usually be your main cooking area, capable of higher power and a range of different cooking styles. The top oven will be ever-so-slightly less powerful because it isn’t fan assisted, but the help they can provide in getting more food cooked on time is invaluable.

Our ovens are capable of many things and, depending on the model you opt for, offer a range of different features:

  • Defrosting option
  • Conventional oven
  • Fan-assisted oven
  • Fan oven
  • Fan cooking lower heat
  • Fan with lower heat
  • Grill
  • Fanned grill
  • Turbo grill

While some features may sound similar, they all have a very unique job in making sure your meal is cooked to perfection as quickly as possible.

Once you have selected your perfect oven, be sure to partner it up with one of our high quality CDA hobs. Our hobs are available with a range of fuel sources, including ceramic hobs and gas hobs so you can choose the fuel combination that suits you.


Are CDA ovens self cleaning?

We have a range of pyrolytic single ovens, like the SL55OBL thirteen function pyrolytic oven, which makes keeping your oven clean easier than ever before. Pyrolytic ovens offer a special ‘pyrolytic cleaning’ function which will heat the oven to extreme temperatures, often around 475 degrees, and incinerate grease and food deposits that have built up. When the pyrolytic oven cleaning function is finished, you can simply brush out the ash and give your oven a quick wipe with a warm cloth.

You don’t need to worry about safety at these extreme temperatures either. Our pyrolytic ovens also feature a safety door lock to ensure the door will be fully locked during the cleaning cycle.

Our double ovens, like the DC941BL built-in electric double oven, have an easy clean enamel interior to cut down on the need for scrubbing.

What is the purpose of a fan in an oven?

Fan assisted ovens help you ensure a more even temperature throughout the capacity by pushing the hot air around the oven. This is especially useful for keen home bakers where you need baked goods to rise at the same time. 

Fan assisted ovens generally cook at a quicker rate so you’ll spend less time cooking, and more time enjoying your meal. You can choose fan assisted options for both single ovens and double ovens.

Why choose an electric oven?

Electric ovens tend to be the most popular choice when choosing an oven. This is because compared to fuel sources like gas, they can achieve a more even heat distribution and more accurate temperatures. Gas ovens, in comparison, tend to be hotter at the top of the oven so it’s difficult to cook meals that require multiple shelves. 

Electric ovens also don’t require a gas line in your kitchen so they’re generally much easier to install. 

How do I choose between a single and double oven?

There isn’t a way to say whether a single oven or double oven is objectively better, it will be about finding which better suits your needs. 

Built in single ovens take up less space in your kitchen cabinetry, but with our extra large 77l capacity cavities, like the SL300BL twelve function oven, can still cook large meals. With a single oven, you can only cook everything at a single temperature. If this suits how you normally cook, a single built in oven is probably the right choice for you.

However, if you often find yourself wanting to bake and grill at the same time, or often find the oven simply doesn’t have enough room for what you want to cook, you should consider a double oven.

Double ovens offer you the most flexibility as they have a larger bottom cavity as well as a top cavity which is perfect for grilling and cooking. This means you can bake a cake and grill some delicious vegetables all at the same time, if you want. 

Double ovens are perfect for busy families, enthusiastic home chefs and hosts who love to throw dinner parties. 

Need Advice

We understand it’s difficult choice and we want to give you the best information on CDA products as possible. We have therefore built you a buying guide… If you have ever wondered what oven capacity means or what is the best way to clean an oven, this section is for you!