Before you register…

CDA is committed to the continual improvement of our services, products and offering to you, the consumer. In order to provide a first-class service we need some help from you before we register your products. To continue to be a safe and reliable manufacturer it is vital that we capture appliance serial numbers, so before you click to register please take a note of each serial number and include it in your registration details. You can find this number on your appliance rating plate. We have provided a handy guide to where your appliance rating plate is below. Thank you for helping us.

Where is my serial number?

Below is an infographic showing you where you can find the rating plate on each of our products:

Where on the rating plate is the serial number?

The rating plate contains important information about your appliance. Before registering we need the serial number which is circled in the image below:

Got your serial numbers?

Have you read our handy guide on obtaining your serial number? OK. Then please follow the link below to begin registering your CDA appliances: