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CDA’s range of hobs transforms any kitchen into a sophisticated cooking space. They are the perfect partner for your CDA oven, producing great results every time. We have a range of designs and sizes to accommodate any cooking requirements or family size. Whether you’re looking for a sleek, modern design or something a little more traditional, we have the perfect hob to suit your kitchen.

CDA offers a wide selection of cooking hobs, including gas hobs and ceramic hobs. A hob from CDA will undoubtedly enhance your kitchen by providing unbeatable performance as well as stunning aesthetics.


Functionality Meets Expert Design 

The kitchen is the heart of your home, and if you’re looking for a way to help bring it to life then a hob from CDA may just be what you need. With a range of designs and sizes available from contemporary to traditional, it has never been easier to find the right hob for your cooking needs. 

Style isn’t the only thing our hobs have going for them, they offer exceptional functionality. If you’re an avid cook or more of a beginner, then the CDA hob range will help take the stress out of your cooking. From precision touch controls, overheat detection and auto safety locks to automatic ignition, a CDA hob will allow you to do everything from boiling water for pasta to cooking the perfect steak with ease. 



Up Your Cooking Game

Have you ever been in the mood to cook but you find that it never turns out quite right? Cooking can be more than just a need but an exciting hobby. Don’t let your current hob let you down, with a CDA hob your cooking experience will feel easy and fun! With various functions as well as practical design we have a hob perfect for you and your home regardless of your skill levels.


If you’re someone that would prefer to keep things simple without the fuss or you have limited worktop space, then you might choose a sleek 60cm ceramic hob with rotary controls or a 60cm solid plate electric hob

If you’re at the other end of the scale and you’d really like to create a cooking space that’s the envy of all your friends, you might choose a 90cm gas on glass hob with wok burner with an additional induction domino hob or built-in griddle plate on the side (or both) to really embrace every style of cooking… the possibilities really are endless!

How to Choose The Right Hob

With a range of different hobs on the market, deciding on which one is the best for you can be a difficult decision. Cooking has evolved over the years and so have our cooking needs. 

Nowadays, you have more than just electric and gas as choices for your new hob. Beyond the classic “gas or electric” dilemma, there are many different options of shape, size, style and finish to choose from. 

Ceramic hobs are a popular choice in today’s kitchens thanks to their sleek design and ease of cleaning. With a range of features including child locks, LED displays and auto safety switch off, cooking is made easy. Despite this, this type of hob may take longer to reach the optimal temperature, which isn’t an issue with trusty gas hobs or the more contemporary induction hob.  

When you want sleek design with innovative functionality, an induction hob is the perfect solution. With automatic pan detection and a booster function, your food will be ready in no time as they heat up much quicker than other hobs. This is now one of the most effective ways of cooking and heats up so much quicker.

The modern hobs from CDA come with all the features you would ever need to make cooking a breeze. All of our hobs are built to last and to the highest standards, so all you have to worry about is the cooking!



What types of hobs are there? 

  There are five main types of hobs, all with their own range of benefits. These include: 

  • Ceramic hobs: Ceramic hobs are quickly becoming the most popular choice for those who want a clean, modern look in their kitchen. The toughened glass style surface is an easy and efficient way to cook as it prevents food from getting stuck under dials or knobs.
  • Gas hobs: Gas hobs are famous for their speed, ease of use and ability to cook quickly. Gas is a great choice when you’re cooking at home or in the professional setting- it’s no wonder why they say ‘now we’re cooking with gas!’
  • Domino hobs: Domino hobs can provide great flexibility when cooking, and are great for the more active cook. You can mix and match with the type that you want. You could have a ceramic domino hob, then gas domino hob next to it, to suit how you cook best. Domino hobs allow you to have the best of all worlds.
  • Electric hobs: The electric hob is an excellent and cost-effective way to cook food. The electricity heats up to four sealed plates which allow for even heat distribution across the pan, making it not only easier on you but also easy to clean!
  • Induction hobs: Induction hobs are perfect for people who want eco-friendly cooking and an area that’s easy to clean and stylish without the need for gas. Not only are induction hobs especially energy efficient, they heat your pan rather than itself, making them the perfect choice in a home where there’s small children and animals.

Get in Touch With CDA

All of our hobs come with a comprehensive 5 warranty as standard and we’re always on hand to help if you need it. So, if you have questions about our kitchen hobs, or any of our home appliances, a member of our team will be more than happy to help so get in touch today.

Need Advice?

We understand it’s a difficult choice and we want to give you the best information on CDA products as possible. That’s why we’ve built you a buying guide… If you want to know how induction hobs work and why manufacturers produce bridging hobs.