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CDA Buying Advice – Hobs

Hob cleaning tips

A tiny spot of olive oil wiped over stainless steel will provide a lasting shine and fingerprint protection until your next clean.

Never use abrasive cleaners (like the cream bathroom & kitchen ones that you see advertised) on stainless steel, glass or especially around control dials. The abrasive texture will scratch glass or steel and will rub off the dial control information.

Use soapy water to clean cast iron pan supports but always dry them thoroughly, immediately after use. If left damp, the natural properties of the cast iron will rust. The enamel versions are all dish-washable.

A little white vinegar applied after you have cleaned the dirt away, to your ceramic or induction hob will bring a shine back to the glass surface.


Why induction hobs are generally easier to clean than ceramic and gas hobs

Induction hobs are different to ceramic and gas in that they do not heat the zone around the edge of the pan, only where the pan touches the hob surface.

If spillages occur with gas or ceramic then the food spilled could potentially burn and make it more difficult to remove when cleaning.

With induction it is possible to wipe the surface whilst still cooking on the hob as the surface around the pan won’t be hot, reducing the risk of burnt on food and stains.