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Laundry Appliances from CDA

Clean and cared for. Caring for the different fabrics of today, whilst reducing water consumption, our range of integrated washing machines and washer dryers provide exactly the washing and drying options you need.

Integrated Laundry Appliances To Suit Your Home

Built-in washing machines and washer dryers are housed and concealed by your kitchen cupboards, in order to give your room a neater, more consistent look. This means that integrated washers and washer dryers are typically slimmer so that they’re able to fit inside your kitchen cupboard more easily.

Providing The Washing Capacity You Need

With a washing machine or washer dryer, bigger isn’t always better

A smaller machine uses less water and less energy. Picking the most efficient machine for your home will help save you money and shrink your carbon footprint.

If you’ve always got a whole heap of clothes to clean, our 8kg Integrated washing machine will let you wash large loads without a worry. But for a small household, the 6kg Integrated washing machine may provide you with all the drum space you need.

If you are not sure what size of washing machine you need for your family, take a look at our laundry capacity guide. You don’t want to waste energy or water through regular washing – this guide will help you assess your household needs and enable you to pick the appropriate appliance.

Practical Wash Programmes for Every Need

With a CDA washer or washer dryer, you’re guaranteed a sleek and sophisticated product that performs to a high level. Our products might look great, but we always ensure that we put substance over style and integrate the latest technology into each model. 

With delay timers, adjustable spin speeds and safety features like aquastop to protect from any accidents, the CDA range of washing machines are efficient, practical and brilliant at looking after your laundry time and time again. The LED displays make these models easy to use and the selection of programmes allow you to adjust your wash style to the job in hand.

To make sense of these functions and features, we have created a laundry programme features guide to help you cut through the jargon and discover how to get the best wash results with every load. 

Each laundry model has a wide range of different spin settings to suit the type of materials that you’re washing or drying. Depending on the model you choose, you’ll find a top spin speed of between 1200rpm and 1400rpm depending on the model you choose, which is ideal for washing every type of garment efficiently. 

With sizeable load capacities, practical programmes and good energy ratings, you’ll be sure to find the laundry machine that you’re looking for. Your clothes will be clean, dry and fresh in no time!

Making the Most of Your Laundry Appliances

Your laundry appliances work hard to keep your clothes and linens clean and in great condition for their whole lifetime. It is only fair that we too spend a little time on keeping them clean, clear of blockages and in tip-top condition to do their job, day after day. Take a look at our washing machine care guide to get the latest tips on washing and care of your machine.

Are you washing everything at the same cool temperature? Whilst this is certainly the most energy efficient way of washing, you may find that you’re not quite getting the best results or cleaning all the bacteria from your clothes. Take a look at our wash temperature guide to find out how to make the most of the varying heat controls.

How do you get the cleanest laundry?

Getting the cleanest laundry possible relies on a few things. Firstly, the detergent you use plays a part, particularly for white or heavily stained clothes.

A factor people tend to forget about is how full your washing machine is. It’s important to work with your machine’s capacity. Cleaning too few clothes at once can lead to an unsatisfactory wash as they won’t tumble well, just as overloading can prevent them from tumbling. 

If you have a good, efficient washing machine, the last step to getting your clothes clean and fresh is picking the correct cycle depending on what you’re washing – whilst one cycle may work for one type of fabric, it may not be the most suitable for another. Our guide to spin cycles will help you make sure you are always using the right one.

What are the two types of washing machines?

Washing machines come in two different types, a front-loading or a top-loading machine.

The difference between the two is (as the names suggest) how you load them. With a front-loading machine, there is a door on the front face of the appliance. With a top-loading one, the door is located facing the ceiling.

Top-loading machines aren’t particularly popular in the UK. This is because front-loading machines are considered more reliable and use less water, making them a sensible economic choice even if they tend to cost more to purchase. They are also a lot kinder to clothes and cause a lot less wear on the fabric.

Perhaps, most importantly of all, front-loading machines tend to get your clothes much cleaner.

Should I get a washing machine or a washer dryer combo?

When space is at a premium, a washer dryer combo is always an excellent option. There is also an appealing convenience to being able to clean and tumble your clothes without the hassle of switching machines. 

The drawback to washer dryer combos is that the dryer function will have a smaller load capacity than the wash one, even though the drum is obviously the same. But when there’s no space for a tumble dryer, having the option is certainly helpful!

Need Advice

Buying a new washing machine can be a mind boggling experience. In the showroom or online you are bombarded with information, such as spin cycle or capacity with no real explanation of what it means to you.

If you are stood perplexed then let CDA help you understand what washing programmes are and do