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Kitchen Sinks from CDA

Kitchen sinks designed with style and functionality in mind.

The kitchen sink isn’t just a place to wash up. It’s also a workstation for food preparation, washing, rinsing, straining and draining. CDA offers a complete range of sinks combining great design with practical features.

Sinks from CDA

CDA sinks are perfect for any home kitchen. They’re high quality and long-lasting. Our kitchen sinks come in a variety of different shapes and styles to suit your kitchen.

We all spend longer than we think in this busy area of the kitchen. Filling up the kettle, rinsing plates and glasses, draining vegetables, filling pans, peeling and rinsing vegetables, and washing our hands. There are so many uses for the kitchen sink that we know it has to be the right one for you.

One size does not fit all, so we have created a varied kitchen sink collection, whether it’s a  traditional ceramic belfast sink, a modern grey composite sink, or a compact undermount stainless sink you’re after, we’ve got you covered. 

Choose from sink models with draining boards and those without, in modern and traditional styles.


Kitchen sinks in your choice of material 

We’ve upgraded traditional stainless steel sinks to become a statement piece in the kitchen. Our innovative composite sink models come in a variety of colours to suit your kitchen, with hygienic nanoparticles built into the material to provide antibacterial protection. 

Every sink in our CDA range is built to last. Our stainless steel sinks are made from high-grade steel and are scratch, stain and heat-resistant. Our composite sinks are virtually indestructible. And our handmade, fireclay ceramic sink designs are sturdy too.

Choosing a sink material goes beyond the colour and design of your kitchen. 

Think about how hard wearing you need it to be and consider the style of kitchen tap you’d like to complement it. 

To help you make the right decision we have prepared a sink material buying guide. Check it out to debunk common sink myths and understand the benefits of each style of sink material.


Kitchen Sinks for Every Home

As well as a range of materials to choose from, we offer a range of different sink sizes to suit every household too. A single bowl sink model is ideal for smaller kitchens while a bowl and a half will give you extra draining space. 

A full double bowl sink allows enough space to wash, rinse and drain simultaneously. Choose the sink size that works for you.

Undermount sinks are also growing in popularity in modern homes. These sinks sit below the surface countertop, hanging underneath the counter rather than sitting on top of it. This creates a seamless flow around your kitchen with the sink discreetly fitted within.

To help keep your new sink as clean as possible we have also collated all our top hints and tips on sink cleaning and hygiene. Whichever model you choose you can be rest assured that a CDA sink is built for everyday life and built to last for years.

What kind of kitchen sink lasts the longest?

All our kitchen sinks are designed to last, meaning you can use other considerations to pick the best sink for your kitchen.

Probably the most durable is a composite sink, which can basically be considered indestructible. They can take extreme heat and stand up to the force of cast iron pans. You can also buffer out any imperfections restoring it to like new conditions, unlike other sink materials.

But ceramic and stainless steel sinks will also give you a long-life span though they are a little easier to scratch or scuff.

What kind of kitchen sink is easiest to keep clean?

Stainless steel is probably the easiest type of kitchen sink to clean, if only because it is resistant to stains and food debris won’t work its way into the surface. However, you do need to be careful when cleaning it, because if you use something abrasive, like a scourer, it may scratch and damage the surface.

Most kitchen sink materials are non-porous, meaning they should all be relatively easy to clean.

Regular sink maintenance, such as cleaning, is obviously very important. It’s hard to get your dishes clean if your sink isn’t. Yet it’s not something many people consider when they pick a new sink.


Need Sink Advice?

Sinks come in all shapes, sizes and materials, from glass to composite sinks CDA have you covered.

But what do all these terms mean? What is a composite sink? How clean are sinks? Well find out with our sink buying guide..