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CDA Buying Advice – What sink size do I need?

If you are replacing your sink like for like then you may be limited to the size that you already have cut out of your worktop. If not, there are so many sizes and bowl configuration options to choose from that you really need to consider how you want to use your kitchen.

There are single bowl sinks, one and a half bowls sinks with a full bowl plus smaller central bowl and full size double bowl sinks. This allows you to choose whether one bowl is plenty, and extra draining area in the middle could really help out at meal times or if you need two full size bowls for washing up, rinsing and draining.

How much space you have in your kitchen will also determine which model you go for. You need to make sure that you have ample chopping and preparation room too. A double bowl might take up a lot of room but if it is what you use most often, it could be worth it. Take a look at our chopping board accessories too as these can be installed over a sink bowl to give you magical extra space in the kitchen.

Take into account the space below the work surface too if you are going for an undermount version. These are designed to drop into the cupboard space below to create a streamlined effect.

Are you right or left handed?

Did you know that most of our sinks are reversible so that you can have the drainer on whatever side suits you best? If they are not then there is a right-handed and left-handed version to ensure that you are able to build your kitchen around you.

Every model in our range features a diagram of the dimensions of your sink. We always advise that you wait until your sink arrives before beginning to cut your work surface. Our ceramic models are handmade and metal warps by millimetres in inclement weather so be aware of this before chopping expensive granite!

CDA sink in kitchen working
CDA sink in kitchen working

Double, single or one and a half?

Whatever your space, there is a sink model to suit your needs. If space is at a premium, the compact KA20 is flexible for installation and reversible to suit your design. If you want a bowl to wash up in and a separate area to rinse vegetables then a one and a half bowl design would be perfect. Alternatively, if you need maximum food preparation space in your kitchen sink then our range of double bowl models (including the CCP3SS corner sink, KC12WH double Belfast design or KA80BL composite model) are perfect for becoming a central focal point of the hardest working area in your kitchen.

What is it perfect for?

A large, double bowl sink can be used for washing up and rinsing simultaneously, cutting through washing up in no time. Alternatively, vegetable peeling and washing can be done at the same time when there are a pair of cooks in the kitchen.

An extra half bowl is perfect for when you just ‘need to get to the sink for a second’, if someone is already working there. The extra bowl is ideal to drain pasta in whilst the used pots go in the main bowl, keeping your kitchen clutter free at mealtimes. An extra half bowl is also ideal for installing a waste disposal unit that will cut down on kitchen waste and trips to take the bin outside.

Our single bowls have been designed to be spacious and deep so that they are easy to work with. If you already have a dishwasher installed in your kitchen, or want the room for worktop space, a single bowl sink is all you need.

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