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CDA Buying Advice – Sink Materials

Every material used to manufacture a CDA sink has been specifically chosen for its durability and ability to withstand life’s tests. Choose from hard wearing composite models, stylish glass, traditional handmade ceramics or practical stainless steel to complete your kitchen. From clean edges to curved undermount designs the range has been created to provide function and durability in the hardest working area of your home. Whatever size, style or installation you are looking for, there is a CDA sink that is built for your life.

Stainless steel

Practical, functional and durable, a stainless steel sink is heat-resistant, strong and looks great in any kitchen. For families and households that use their kitchen a lot, a stainless steel sink wipes down quickly to leave a hygienic work area on which to prepare food, drain vegetables and wash up.

Good old stainless steel is an absolute classic in the kitchen. Hard wearing, easy to clean, practical and easy to install, this style of sink material is probably the most popular on the market. Steel is easy to clean with household sprays and will withstand hot pans. Steel sinks used to be noisy but we have now installed noise deadening pans to soften the clanging of pans on steel. It is naturally more susceptible to scratching though and we would recommend a washing up basket if you plan to throw cutlery in there.



Smooth, modern and stylish, our range of composite sinks combine the best of design with the strongest of materials. Naturally solid, the quartz construction is able to withstand heavy, hot pans as well as the ‘clatterings’ of daily washing up. If you are looking for a contemporary style, choose from our composite models in cream, white, black or grey to complete your kitchen.

Composite sinks are pitched as being almost indestructible as they are made from compressed materials that can withstand serious heat and shock on their surface. The matt finish looks modern and the new style strainers have been updated to suit the latest design.



Glass is a stunning finish on a sink. It gleams and shines adding a real wow factor to the kitchen. This is perfect for showing off a designer tap. Glass is naturally heat-resistant and is more difficult to scratch than steel or composite so is actually more hard wearing that it looks. Unfortunately glass does shatter and the sinks will not fare well if you plan to launch cast iron pots onto the drainer, for example.

Naturally, glass sinks are perfect for withstanding heat and looks beautiful with its light reflecting surface. Ideal for the professional, modern home this material will make a real statement in your design.



Beautifully hand-fired and built from a naturally hard-wearing and easy to clean material, CDA’s range of ceramic sinks are perfect in traditional or shaker-style kitchens. There is never any need to worry about water marks or heat damaging your sink surface with ceramic as it is naturally resistant against both.

Ceramic is an ideal material for sinks as it is naturally hardwearing, heat-resistant and looks far less ‘manufactured’ than some modern styles. The range of ceramic models includes all the options that you would want to choose from including undermount styles, large single and double bowl overmounts as well as traditional Belfast styles that complement restoration projects, classic kitchen styles and add a practical family work area.


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