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CDA Cooker Hoods & Extractors

CDA’s range of cooker hoods and kitchen extractor fans offer beautiful aesthetic design paired with uncompromised performance. Our range of extractor fans come in a range of styles, whether you’re looking for a statement piece like the striking EVQ71BL circular extractor fan or a more discreet integrated extractor fan.

Every CDA kitchen extractor fan has been thoughtfully designed and tested to work hard in your kitchen whilst still looking fantastic. With our range of sleek designs, you might be surprised to see how much of a stylish addition an extractor fan can be in your kitchen.


Functional & Stylish Cooker Hoods From CDA

Whether you’re choosing a discreet downdraft extractor or a bold chimney hood, cooker hoods are a stylish addition for your kitchen. We have a range of designs to suit both traditional and contemporary kitchens from professional stainless steel to sleek black glass. 

But the right cooker hood is far more than just a stylish focal point in your home. A kitchen extractor fan is a valuable and practical addition that will keep your home smelling fresh and free from mould. 

What does a cooker hood do?

There’s nothing like the smell of a freshly cooked meal, but that smell can quickly go stale, leaving a pungent odour in your kitchen. You don’t have to choose between cooking with delicious spices and making flavourful meals packed with garlic and herbs and having a fresh smelling kitchen though. 

Extractor fans are fitted above your hob and extract the excess steam, moisture and grease particles from the food you’re cooking. Depending on which type of extractor fan you choose, your extractor fan will either filter the air and recirculate clean air back into your kitchen or extract the air outside. This stops grease from building up, which makes keeping the kitchen clean easier as well as stopping moisture build up which can lead to mould. 

For extra convenience, all of our kitchen hoods come with integrated lighting to give you clear illumination over your cooking space.  

Make Cleaning Your Kitchen Quicker & Easier

Simply opening your window is not enough when it comes to preventing the buildup of grease and smells. Once grease and smells settle, they can stick to the nearest fabrics and surfaces. In a kitchen, this can lead to damp walls, greasy shelving and even unpleasant smells on your blinds and any fabric seating you have. 

This is especially problematic in open plan homes as the smells and grease can reach your living, and even sleeping spaces, quite quickly! Once things like grease do settle, they can be difficult to get rid of. 

To save the never ending task of needing to wipe down open shelving and cabinet doors, and even needing to degrease cooking books, a cooker hood is an essential kitchen appliance. Because extraction fans quickly remove grease, food odour and steam filter to either duct it away outside or filter it through a cleansing carbon filter before recirculating the air, they stop grease and moisturise settling in your kitchen. 

This will make your cleaning routine much easier and save on the elbow grease!


Kitchen Extractor Fans Help Prevent Mould 

Regardless of what type of hob you have and whether you’re warming up some soup or cooking up a feast, you’re going to create steam in your kitchen. Steam can be damaging to your kitchen for a number of reasons. Steam carries food odours which can cling to soft furnishing and leave behind unpleasant smells, but it can also cause damage to your walls. Because steam settles on walls, it also leaves moisture on your walls and countertops. This can quickly build up in corners which encourages mould growth. 

With regular use of your cooker hood, you can cut down on food odours, grease and steam meaning your kitchen will stay cleaner, fresher and more hygienic for longer.


How To Choose The Right Cooker Hood 

There are so many different styles of cooker hoods to choose from, and the right one for you will depend on your kitchen design and layout. 

Chimney extractor fans look wonderful in traditional kitchens but as they need to be built against a wall, they’re not suitable for island hobs. Our range of island extractors and ceiling extractors are a better choice for island hobs and add a minimalist feel to any home.

Whatever style of cooker hood you choose, you can rest assured it will be of the high-quality you’d expect from CDA and fitted with all the modern conveniences. Our cooker hoods let you adjust the speed they run at, and can also be operated on a timer, so you don’t need to worry about forgetting to turn the extractor off after you finish cooking. This allows you and your family to enjoy all the food you’ve whipped up and your extractor fan will continue to remove any grease and food odours left in the air before automatically turning itself off. 

We know that while cleaning your kitchen is important, it’s rarely a job you’re looking forward to! To help prevent your extractor from getting dirty, you can go ultra-modern with one of our new gesture controlled chimney hoods. With a simple waving motion, you can turn your extractor fan on and off without the need to touch it. This is perfect if you have messy hands from preparing food!  

What types of extractor fans are there?

There are two main types of extractor fans: recirculation fans and ducted fans. Some extract fans can do either depending on your needs.

  • Recirculated extractor fans: Recirculated fans have a charcoal filter as well as a metal grease filter. They will extract the dirty air from the kitchen, filter it through their filters and then recycle it back into the kitchen. They’re not usually as powerful as ducted extractor fans but they are easier to install. Because they’re not as powerful as ducted extractor fans, they tend to be quieter. 
  • Ducted extractor fans: Ducted extractor fans don’t filter the air from your kitchen at all, instead they extract the air and duct it directly outdoors. Because they don’t need to filter the air, they are more powerful and are more efficient. Ducted extractor fans can be more difficult to install as it involves creating a path for the ducting and creating an outside exit hole.

Register Your New CDA Cooker Hood

Whatever cooker hood is right for your kitchen, make sure you register your appliance with CDA to activate your warranty. We offer a standard two year labour warranty and a five years parts warranty so you can feel safe knowing we’re on hand to make sure your cooker hood is in top condition.

Get in Touch With CDA

If you have questions about our kitchen extractors, or any of our home appliances, a member of our team will be more than happy to help so get in touch today.

Need Advice?

We understand it’s difficult choice and we want to give you the best information on CDA products as possible. We have therefore built you a buying guide…   Extraction rates can be quite puzzling and of course choosing the style of your cooker hood is very important. If you are stuck, have a look through the guide.

  We know cleaning isn’t the best chore to do, so our new gesture control extractors mean you don’t have to touch extractor again, no greasy or doughy fingerprints! Find out more here