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CDA Buying Advice – Cooker Hood Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

How to clean your cooker hood

Cleaning and maintaining your extractor can be tricky, here are some handy hints to help:

  • The washable grease filters on CDA extractors work hard to collect the cooking residue from your kitchen. Soak them in a solution of soda crystals and warm water to quickly and effortlessly remove the dirt, leaving your extractor clean to carry on with the hard work.
  • Did you know your Aluminium grease filters can be cleaned in the dishwasher? Cl ick them out easily for a routine freshen up.
  • A sparing wipe of baby oil over stainless steel extractors and oven surfaces will help prevent those pesky fingerprints.
  • We recommend that you switch on your extractor about 10 minutes before cooking to allow the airflow to circulate through the extractor effectively. That way, when you start cooking your extractor is up and running at its best. Why only get into the habit of switching it on whilst you gather ingredients from the fridge and cupboard instead of when you go to switch the hob on.
  • Leaving your extractor running for a few minutes after you have finished cooking will clear the kitchen of smells that you would rather not have lingering around until the next morning.
  • Change your charcoal filters regularly, otherwise your extractor will not be able to pick up grease and dirt properly, leaving you with greasy residue on surfaces in your home.
  • Never use an abrasive cleaner on your stainless steel. Not only could it scratch the surface, it may remove the icons and numbers on your control panel.
  • Use a slightly damp cloth to remove dust from the extractor exterior as this helps the duster to pick up the particles, rather than just fluttering them elsewhere in the kitchen.
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Extractor fan filter cleaning and replacement

So, your charcoal filter is ready for a change? Simply call our helpful and friendly Customer Care team to order your new set today. You can either give them the model number of your extractor to find the coordinating filter code or look on our product pages to see which charcoal filters are compatible with your cooker hood.

Once you have the new filters, simply unclip the grease filters and replace the charcoal ones on the motor inside. They clip on and off very easily. Don’t forget, if you are having any problems please do give us a call and we can talk you through it.

Where to position the extractor fan

Ideally you want to position the cooker hood above your cooking area as this is where the steam, smoke and smells are going to rise to before they saturate your home. We recommend specific height guidelines for the distance allowed between the hob and hood so please double check your model’s requirements before installing.


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