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FAQ – Extractors

Where do I find the model number and serial number?

Click here to use our helpful guide on finding your rating plate.

Should my new cooker hood have been supplied with charcoal filters?

No. Most cooker hoods can either be installed to be ducted outside or to recirculate filtered air back into the kitchen. This means that the charcoal filters, used for recirculated installation only, are an optional accessory.

Do I need charcoal filters?

If you are installing your cooker hood to recirculate filtered air back into the kitchen, as opposed to ducting to the outside, you will need to fit charcoal filters to the extractor. Click here to search for your extractor model number and find out which filters are compatible.

How often should I change my charcoal filters?

This depends on how frequently you use the cooker hood. Based on average family use, we recommend that you change the filters every six months.

My cooker hood is not working well.

There are a number of things that you can check, including:

What size of ducting are you using? Check the manual to find out the recommended size for your model.

Is the cooker hood the correct size for your hob? The extractor should be at least as wide as the hob. If it is wider, it will absorb cooking smells better as the steam rarely rises directly upwards.

Are the doors and windows open in the kitchen? This could be causing a draught.

How far is your hob from the hood above? We provide recommend distances, which can be found in your instruction manual, as a guide for optimum performance and safety.

Do you turn the cooker hood on before you cook? We recommend that you switch on the cooker hood up to ten minutes before you start cooking to start the air circulation. You should also leave the hood on after you have finished cooking to clear away lingering smells and steam in the kitchen.

Cooker hoods are not vacuums and will continually extract over a period of time-not suck up all the steam as you watch it.

Check the length of the ducting from the extractor to the outside wall does not exceed the maximum length. Also count the number of bends, as this reduces the overall length by .5mm per bend.

Check the flap on the vent on the outside wall is opening, allowing the air to escape.

The light bulbs in my cooker hood keep ‘blowing’.

Do you use the extractor lights for cooking only or do you switch them on for ambient lighting in the kitchen? They are not designed to be used as ambient lighting, this will cause them to burn out more quickly.

‘F’ is flashing on my cooker hood display.

‘F’ means that you need to replace your filters. You can get replacement filters by calling our Customer Care team on 01949 862012. Please give them your cooker hood model number when you call and they will then process your order for replacement filters.

There is air blowing back down the cooker hood into the kitchen.

Check the flap on the vent on the outside wall is opening, allowing the air to escape.

Check the ducting is not blocked or squashed.

Check that the wind is not returning up the ducting pipe into your kitchen.

How do you clean the grease filters?

You can clean most of the metal grease filters in a dishwasher or with hot soapy water. For specific instructions on the filters for your extractor, please refer to your instruction manual.

How do you clean the stainless steel?

Clean the steel with hot water and a mild detergent using a soft cloth and dry to a shine using a soft dry cloth.

How do you fit the charcoal filters?

For specific instructions on the filters for your extractor, please refer to your instruction manual.

There aren’t any screws supplied to fix the cooker hood to the wall.

We do not supply fasteners for the wall as we do not know the type of material your wall is constructed of.

The cooker hood is very noisy.

If ducted to the outside, check the size of the ducting fitted is correct for your extractor.

Has the electrical wire been left hanging inside the extractor, which is catching on the fan blades?

Is the appliance securely fastened to the wall?

Check the ducting is securely attached to the cooker hood.

Flexible ducting is noisier than using solid pipe.

The cooker hood is not working at all/ is tripping the electrics.

Check the power supply to the hood has not been turned off.

Check the fuse has not blown and also check the fuse is the correct size for the extractor.

Firstly, check the power supply to the appliance is large enough for the extractor. The required power supply is listed on the appliance rating plate.

If this is ok, check the socket to the appliance is not faulty. Please note that we always recommend that this is completed by a competent or qualified person only.

If both are OK, please contact our friendly team to investigate further.


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