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FAQ – Compact Appliances

The bulb has gone inside my microwave. How do I get a replacement and can I change this myself?

This is easily fixable but microwave bulbs would need replacing by a qualified engineer. Due to the high voltage of the appliance we would not recommend that you attempted this yourself, just to be safe. If you are within your labour warranty, a microwave bulb change is covered under your guarantee. If you are outside of your guarantee we do offer a bulb replacement service. Please call our Customer Care Team so that we can assist you with booking an engineer.

My turntable isn’t turning?

Our friendly and highly qualified team of engineers are on hand to help you with these sorts of problems but first please check underneath the glass plate to ensure that it is clean and there is nothing obstructing the turntable or preventing it from turning. If this is all clear, please call our team on 01949 862012.

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