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CDA Buying Advice – Cooker Hood Features Explained

Extra features in our cooker hood range have been included to give you complete control and flexibility over the air quality in your home. A ‘clean air’ function will turn on the extractor for ten minutes every hour to filter and clear the air in your kitchen whilst a timer is included on most models to allow the extractor to run for an allotted period of time after cooking, leaving you to enjoy your meal without needing to get up and switch off the extractor.

Peripheral aspiration is a term you will see in some of our extractor features lists. Put simply, this means that the extractor pulls air from the room using the entire cooker hood edge surface, making it both efficient and extremely effective.

So, your extractor removes steam and grease from the kitchen while you are cooking. That much we know. But are you aware of all the other features on our extractor models?


Touch control or soft touch buttons

We know that some people prefer touch control over buttons, and vice versa, that’s why we have developed a range of extractors that offer you a choice of control. With touch control, you have sensitive and responsive adjustments at your fingertips and a smooth, uninterrupted finish to your extractor design. If you go for the soft touch button control you can quickly switch between extraction settings, turn the lighting on and off and enjoy the ergonomically designed feel of each control.

Boost function

When you are frying something pungent or accidentally burn food, a quick 10 minute boost of extraction can be useful to remove smoke, smells and steam from the kitchen and get things back under control.

Clean air function

This clever little function can remove smells, allergens and pollution from your living space, keeping you and your family breathing a little easier. Once selected, the extractor will turn on automatically every 10 minutes and clear the room of unwanted air particles before switching off again.


Just because you have finished cooking, doesn’t mean that all the cooking residue, steam and smells have magically vanished from your kitchen the moment you switch off the hob. Leaving your extractor on for an extra 5 or 10 minutes will finish the job while you plate up and settle down for a romantic meal or some precious family time over dinner.

The last thing you need, when you are halfway through enjoying dinner, is to have to get up again to go and switch off the extractor and interrupt your meal. That’s why we have installed a clever timer on selected models to allow you to preset an allotted extraction time before the extractor automatically switches off and goes silent.

Filter saturation warning light

How do you know when your extractor filters need changing? If you have gone for recirculating extraction and have installed charcoal filters to purify the air that goes through your extractor, we recommend that you change the filters every 6 months; this is calculated on an average household’s usage. Some of our smartest models also include a filter saturation warning light that will indicate if you need a filter change for you, so you just need to swap the new ones in when the time comes.

Peripheral aspiration

This simply means that instead of the extractor pulling the air through just one or two vents above your cooking space, it uses the entire edge surface of the extractor to absorb grease, steam, smoke and smells, maximising efficiency.

Remote control

If you have installed a ceiling extractor, reaching the controls might not be as easy as you think. That’s why we’ve included a handy remote control that allows you to access the extractor’s settings from the kitchen table, cooking area or just while you are walking around the kitchen.