Gesture control extractor from CDA

Introducing a new way of thinking in extraction from CDA. Available in 60cm or 90cm this extractor hood works without you touching it. There is no need to struggle with doughy hands or keep wiping away grease marks. Just swipe up and down for lights or left and right to control the speed.

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Gesture on or off

The EXG can be operated using the intuitive, touch-free gesture control or by using the touch control panel. This model is truly designed around you. Simply switch the touch-free mode on or off, the choice is yours.

EXG60BL 60cm Gesture control extractor

The 60cm EXG60BL has been designed specifically to fit over a 60cm wide gas, induction or electric hob. Offering advanced steam and cooking smell extraction, this model is compact enough to be installed in any modern kitchen design.


EXG60BL 60cm Gesture control extractor

The EXG90BL makes a big statement as the focal point of your cooking workstation. Its 90cm width makes it ideal for effectively extracting steam, smoke and smells from any hob up to 90cm wide. It offers the best performance and the best style, combined.



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Bright lights

Crisp, clear and bright. Good lighting is essential in the kitchen and especially when cooking. That’s why our EXG range comes with 3 LED lights that do the job brilliantly.