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CDA Buying Advice – Oven Accessories

Oven accessories, there to make your life easier

Whatever model you go for, there is a complete range of useful and well-designed accessories to make using your oven even better.

Where to buy oven accessories

You can purchase oven accessories from either our Customer Care department or from your local retailer.

Types of oven accessories

Our ovens come with a range of accessories from catalytic liners that help to keep your oven clean to telescopic shelf kits, pizza stones and glass cooking trays.

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Avoid tricky situations!

Ever had a risky moment, sliding an enormous lasagne out of the oven? A telescopic shelf kit could be just what you need. The shelves allow dishes to slide forward and back with ease and are strong enough to not ‘tip’ when you are trying to safely lift food out of the oven.

When you are removing hot, heavy items from your oven our anti-tilt shelving helps to keep you safe from spills and accidents. Going one step further, the telescopic shelves allow you to easily slide out dishes to a position that they are easier to lift from.

Tip: A brilliant tip for telescopic shelf users can be used when you are making quiche. Place the pastry cases on the shelf in its extended position, then pour in the egg filling and slide in the quiches to cook. This avoids the dreadful task of carrying sloppy, runny eggs to the oven and stops spillage. This is also useful for filling a bain marie, at the oven, instead of carrying a roasting tray full of boiling water across your kitchen.


Catalytic liners

Catalytic liners can be easily fitted to the internal walls of most of our oven and range cooker models. These absorb cooking residue and grease to minimise the amount of oven cleaning and maintenance that comes with cooking regularly. Simply change them in and out when they become saturated for a clean, fresh start to cook from.

We have a range of catalytic liners to match our ovens and range cookers. Please find your model below to see the matching liner set code.

Oven accessories

Do you need extras? – The pros and cons

The higher spec ovens come with more features as standard, so there is no need to buy any extras. However, if you have a lower level oven, getting accessories for it is not essential, but choosing the right extras for you can make cooking and caring for your oven easier and more fun.

If you like a pizza, then definitely try one of the pizza stones for a guaranteed crispy base and quick cooking.

If you are a pro baker, the glass tray is perfect for pastries and desserts.


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