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HN6013FR 60cm 4 zone Plug and Play induction hob

HN6013FR HN6013FR HN6013FR HN6013FR

The HN6013FR is our new induction hob with a reduced depth to fit 12mm worktops above a drawer pack & 28mm worktops above XL ovens. It has a new design and user interface, increased power levels, easy connection to 13amp and comes with a plug! More features include a timer, pause function, child lock and residual heat indicator




  • Precision Keep Warm Programme (70 degrees)
  • Precision Simmer Programme (90 degrees)
  • Precision Melt Programme (40 degrees)
  • Front control
  • Timer
  • Overflow detection
  • Small object detection
  • Residual heat indicators
  • Booster function

Features Induction hob

  • Precision Melt Programme (40 degrees): Yes
  • Precision Slow cook Programme (90 degrees): Yes
  • Precision Simmer Programme (70 degrees): Yes


  • Depth: 522mm
  • Height: 49mm
  • Width: 592mm

Zone Information

  • Front left: 210mm, 2kW or 2.8kW with booster
  • Front right: 160mm, 1.4kW or 2.1kW with booster
  • Rear left: 160mm, 1.4kW or 2.1kW with booster
  • Rear right: 210mm, 2kW or 2.8kW with booster

Misc Information

  • WEEE Category: 1