The Heat is On With CDA Warming Drawers

Essential Kitchen & Bathroom Business magazine’s Mike Casey heralds the warming drawer as a “fine example” of how a “quiet and steady appliance…can suddenly blossom and have their day in the sun.”

Useful for much more than plate warming, these drawers allow you to perfect the art of slow cooking as well as: melting, defrosting, making yoghurt and proving dough.

“CDA offers two warming drawers as part of its compact appliances collection. Taking up to six place settings with fan heat and temperature adjustable from 30-80°C. CDA warming drawers also have a non-slip silicone mat so dishes don’t slide around, and a maximum capacity of 25kg.”

Warming drawers are the perfect partners for a CDA oven, whether it is for heating your plates to the right temperature or keep food warm ready for serving.