10 Reasons Why a Dishwasher is Essential

Washing up by hand takes time – the average dishwasher takes 12 international place settings (a mix of crockery, cutlery and serving dishes) and takes about nine minutes to load and unload. Washing this much in the sink by hand would take about an hour. Some of CDA’s large capacity dishwashers take up to 15 place settings, saving even more time and money.

  • There’s a popular misconception that dishwashers use a lot of water, Not true !  A dishwasher can do a full load using as little as nine litres of water – doing the same amount by hand in the sink would use around 49 litres – no contest !
  • Dishwashers save on energy costs too –  all machines are cold fill and heat exactly the amount of water needed for the wash programme to exactly the right temperature. Washing up in the sink always means adding cold to hot water you have already paid to heat up.
  • Many machines have a delay button so you can take advantage of lower tariff electricity.
  • Dishwashers do it better. Powerful modern detergents and temperatures higher than the hand can stand deliver sparkling results.
  • The dishwasher is more hygienic too. The average tea towel is a hot bed of bugs and bacteria. The machine dries using hot air so there’s no need to wipe cutlery and crockery with a cloth.
  • Washing up can be put into the machine to wait until there is a full load – cutting down on kitchen clutter.
  • Short programmes mean cutlery etc can be washed between courses – really useful at Christmas and on big family occasions.
  • Modern dishwashers make short work of pans, casserole dishes and roasting tins – you really can wash anything that is marked dishwasher safe. In general it is only crystal glass, bone handled knives, hand painted china and some plastic items that can’t be safely washed by machine.
  • Owning a dishwasher puts an end to family rows about whose turn it is to wash up – what are you waiting for?