CDA supports healthy eating campaign

Blog Post 2

CDA have supplied the kitchen appliances in Jamie Oliver’s latest project to get Britain eating more healthily.

The ‘Ministry of Food’ in Rotherham will be used to encourage more people to cook from scratch in their own homes.  Jamie and his team of volunteers will show locals how to cook 10 simple, nutritious meals and then ask them to pass on their new skills to others.

The products selected for the project were the Level 2 DV990 double oven, the HCG930 6 burner gas hob, the CIGE9 island hood, the shower spray TP2 tap and under mount sink.

The use of domestic appliances will allow visitors to the centre to easily transfer their skills to their own kitchen, ensuring that the project becomes a success.

Currently under construction the centre is due to open its doors soon. The television series surrounding the Ministry of food will be shown in September on Channel 4.