A Passion for Quality and Innovation

Our Quality Control department strive to deliver only the best kitchen appliances that bear the CDA brand. In our lab, we test products to destruction to ensure that they work effortlessly in your home environment. It is equipped with the latest technology and a highly trained team who work with both our new and exciting launches along with our existing products that have to pass through Quality Control before they reach your home.

“Everything we do must constantly improve and move forward. Meticulous attention to detail, style and passionate application are fundamental ingredients of our success.” Ian Kershaw, CDA founder and Managing Director.

CDA’s Quality and Product Development departments work closely together to make our appliances more efficient, more reliable and deliver excellent results and modern design. Never content to simply produce a collection of streamlined and proficient products, we are constantly looking around the corner to the next market innovation.

Currently, our team of specialists are working towards the future in integrated washer dryer technology. We aim to change the laundry appliance market substantially and introduce a product that can reduce energy usage and wash and dry in one cycle. Our already patented work is currently being supported by a European initiative behind knowledge, research and economic growth.

Whilst we always strive for our products to look the best, CDA recognises the importance of the work continually going on behind the scenes.