Brand Mashups: Dream Comfort Food Collaborations

Sigh. Eating convenience food is hard. 

Having to cut and spread stuff.

Having to combine two of our favourite foods OURSELVES.

Getting our fingers covered in cheese dust… 

Ok, first world problems for sure. 

Whether it’s to court controversy or to offer up some strange solution to a problem, we’ve seen a number of “food collaborations” in recent times – from baked beans on Weetabix (ew!), Marmite Easter eggs (also ew!) and Cadbury’s Creme Egg mayonnaise (what?!)

But we can’t help thinking that there are some missed opportunities for the food brands that cater to, well, the idle amongst us.

In fact, there are even missed opportunities to put some of the biggest divisive food issues to rest. For example, why waste precious munching time arguing whether the cream or jam is spread first on a scone? 

Why can’t it be both at the same time?! (It’s jam first, but let’s not argue.)

So, we put our heads together and asked a bunch of people which food hacks/brand mashups would make their lives even easier when it comes to tucking into their favourite treats. We then set about “creating” them and we’re definitely here for some of these. Others not so much:

Wotsits & Marigold Gloves

Our favourite cheesy snacks are delicious, but the mess eating them leaves is quite frankly annoying. What better way to avoid having to get up out of our cheese stained bed to wash our hands, than to wear specially branded Marigold gloves?! These household favourites are perfect for preventing cheesy digits, and in a stylish way too! Maybe.

McDonalds & Nesquik Milkshake

We’re informed that the young’uns of today enjoy dipping their French fries into hurr …into hurrburrr… sorry. Into MILKSHAKE. Disgusting as this sounds, what’s a more convenient way to feed this habit, than to provide little milkshake ‘sauce’ pots alongside your ketchup? Or maybe you don’t want a whole milkshake? Choices. It’s all about choices.

Also, why not bring Nesquik back into the game? 90’s nostalgia at its finest.

Kraft Cheese Slices & Sunpat Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a dream on the taste buds, but an absolute nightmare to spread. Some busy folk don’t want to be bothering with spreading things and putting knives in the dishwasher

Nope. Give us a tasty nutty layer in the convenience of an individually wrapped slice that we can just plonk on our toast and be done with it. Sounds messy, but surely there’s a science bod out there who can make this happen.

Smirnoff Vodka & Watermelon

Ok, so technically this isn’t a brand mashup as such, but as everyone is busy force-feeding watermelons vodka ready for the summer, Smirnoff may as well step in and do it properly. A handy bottleneck design would facilitate the feeding of the vodka, but you could also (after a stint in the freezer and good shake up) pour watermelon vodka slushies on demand! 

Dominos & Del Monte Pineapple Chunks

Okay, so from conversations we’ve overheard, pineapple on pizza is a universally approved and accepted topping, right? (we joke)

With that in mind, isn’t it annoying when you have to go to the effort of placing a Domino’s order, then wait ages for it to be delivered? Why not just empty a tin onto some toast, maybe sprinkle on some cheese and then pop it in the oven for 5 minutes. Et voila!

Bagsy the rights to this one.

Patak’s Curry & Müller Yoghurt Corner

Everyone loves a good curry! And some like it hotter than others. For those who like yoghurt or raita to cool things down a bit, traipsing to the fridge after you’ve got all comfy on the sofa with your curry is beyond inconvenient. 

But wait. 

Harnessing the brilliance of Müller’s yoghurt corner design, this could be a problem of the past, except this time the curry is the main show and baby …sorry, yoghurt is in the corner.

Rodda’s Clotted Cream & Hartley’s Jam

This is a big one guys. 

A game changer.

Opening the door to world peace.

A marriage of two households.

Clotted cream and jam shall be equal upon the scone. No more family feuds, no more raised eyebrows, and no more ‘blobbing’ or ‘dolloping’. No cream first. No jam first. They enter the stage together, in a swirling embrace.

Seriously though, this might be quite nice.


So there we have it. Food worlds collide and brands find new purpose in collaborating for the greater good. 

What kind of food or brand collaborations would you like to see?


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