Dishwashers That Do It Better

There’s no doubt that a dishwasher is much better at washing up than a human armed with a full sink. A machine does the job more efficiently and uses much less energy and our latest 15 place-setting models go even further with new features to improve wash results, reduce water and energy use.

The CDI6242 and CDI6732 are integrated machines which feature a new easy-to-fit system that installers will love. A new sliding hinge system means the dishwasher works around the kitchen, not the other way around. There is no need to plan to cut plinths or compromise on design as our dishwashers slide straight in and take the fuss out of design and fitting. These new machines are packed with systems to improve results and reduce energy use. The extra-large interior and flexible space mean there’s plenty of room for all your kitchenware from large pots and pans to delicate glasses.

Dishwasher programmes

HYGIENE PRO offers maximum hygiene through high-temperature washing that washing eliminates 99.9% of all bacteria.
TURBO DRYER Clean, hygienic and convenient. Dry and sparkling dishes, even on a cold cycle!
ANTIBACTERIAL FILTER Anti-bacterial coating containing zinc eliminates pathogens and reduces unpleasant odours.
INFO LED TECHNOLOGY LED floor beam signals the progress of the wash programme. Red – in operation; Green – finished.
STEAM WASH Temperature increase during the cycle generates steam to loosen stubborn deposits and simultaneously sanitise.
UPPER-LEVEL CUTLERY DRAWER Provides easy-to-load space for cutlery, freeing space in the lower basket. There is a second foldable cutlery basket in the lower basket.
UPPER BASKET WITH DIRECTWASH With Direct wash, water is directed straight to the inside of glasses and bottles to make sure every nook and cranny is reached and cleaned brilliantly.
AQUA ZONE Improved cleaning through increased pressure whilst using less water!
DUAL PRO WASH Water pressure can be adjusted in each basket to achieve better washing performance.
TRIPLE WASH Immersive and powerful cleaning with two additional spray arms that can work together with the main spray arm or individually.

Our new machines are designed for easy loading. Handles have a stable comfortable grip with a premium stainless steel finish featuring our signature logo, just a squeeze on the side of the upper basket means it can be dropped even if half-loaded, giving space for that large casserole dish or pan you thought you couldn’t squeeze in. Improved strength of tines means even longer basket life and solid performance, wash after wash.

CDA Dishwasher CDI6242