SL Oven Range. A Kitchen Friend For Every Cook

Extensive testing against competitor brands has revealed that our SL range, single electric multifunction ovens, lead the field in terms of temperature accuracy, even baking, rapid pre-heat (saving time and energy), capacity and ease of use.

The oven is without doubt the key appliance in any kitchen, the source of everything from simple one pot family dishes, to bake off worthy cakes. Accurate temperature control is vital, especially for anyone who loves to bake. Fan cooking delivers even heat on all levels while the other functions available suit any dish from a rich fruit cake that needs long, slow cooking to a quiche beautifully browned on both the top and the bottom. Manufacturers test for baking accuracy using a standard format which judges the result across various shelf positions on even browning on the top and bottom. As every baker knows, temperature fluctuations or a temperature that is lower or higher than selected can ruin a cake. Carefully monitored tests carried out following the industry standard showed CDA SL ovens achieving better results than major competitor brands. “Cooks from beginner to expert can feel reassured that their carefully prepared dishes are being cooked at the right temperature in our SL ovens”, says CDA.

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The SL single oven collection includes ten models, ranging from the top of the range SL670SS offering 13 cooking functions plus steam cooking to the entry level seven function SL100SS. All of our ovens have an extra large capacity, making it easy to batch cook – an important fuel and food saver. These ovens are packed with user friendly features including rapid heat up, automatic programmes, lateral lighting and easy to use controls. Our higher end models have safe, super efficient telescopic side racks that make it easy to remove even the heaviest dishes, intuitive touch controls, pyro clean and a roast probe for perfect Sunday dinners.

SL Oven

Enamel trays and oven shelves are larger than those supplied by competitor brands and wire trays are designed without cross wires so that dishes can be moved off the shelf smoothly and easily. The lack of cross wires also makes the shelves easier to clean.

“The pandemic may be over but financial pressures mean that more of us are entertaining at home and are looking for ways to make the most of food and energy by batch cooking. Our larger capacity ovens make it easy to cook up to six dishes at one time – a 77 litre oven will happily accommodate two dishes on each of three shelves and our super accurate temperature control makes it possible to achieve perfect results every time,” says CDA