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CDA Buying Advice – Refrigeration Ice & Water

The PC71 American style fridge freezer features an integrated ice and chilled water dispenser for refreshing drinks, whenever you need them. An additional home bar allows you to reach in for frequently used bottles, housed inside the door, like milk or juice without the need to waste energy by opening the whole door.

When you are busy, it is great to know that you can always have ice and chilled water ready when you want a refreshing drink. The PC71 is our only ice & water offering in the CDA range, but make sure you read the installation manual as it will need plumbing in. 

The handy ice and water dispenser allows you to choose between cubed ice, crushed ice or chilled water whenever you need it. Simply scroll through the options using once simple selection key. Handy hint: when you select ‘crushed ice’, ensure that the glass is positioned close to the dispenser to avoid spillage.

Oldest daughter helping youngest daughter with ice and water dispenser on pc71
Freestanding fridge in background of grandma enjoying wine

No one wants to drink grotty water so make sure your chilled water dispenser is providing clean and fresh drinks every time by regularly changing the filter. A handy symbol will flash up when it is time to insert a new one. Replacement filters can be purchased from our Customer Care Department. How regularly you need to change the filter will depend on the water quality in your area as well as how often you use the dispenser; on average, this is about every 6 months.

I don’t want ice & water, I want freezer space!

We have developed a range of refrigeration appliances that offer something for everyone. The ice and water dispenser will take up some room in the freezer part of your appliance. If you are a regular freezer ‘stocker’, look at the PC52 and PC87 freestanding fridge freezers that offer maximum freezer storage space not compromised by an ice and water dispenser.



How do ice/water dispensers work

Our ice and water dispensers are not plumbed into the mains water supply. This makes them easier to install and less prone to problems connected to your household facilities. The water dispensers can be topped up by filling the reservoir inside the fridge door, giving you fresh, chilled water whenever you need it.


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