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American Fridge Freezers vs Normal Fridge Freezers


American fridge freezers make a statement in any home and their capacious style ensures that there is room for the largest of families to store all their food and drink comfortably. We are now used to the term ‘American style fridge freezer’ but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the design has originated from the US. This genre includes models that feature side by side opening doors, large models with freezer drawers and even fridge freezers with four doors. The generic term collects them conveniently for the consumer looking for something other than the standard ‘one up, one down’ combination fridge freezer.

We are familiar with the benefits of integrated fridges, freezers and combination models. You can hide them behind cabinetry, they are unobtrusive and offer slightly more freezer storage capacity when compared to the freezer compartments on American style models. That said, the traditional models can sometimes lack the additional features and functions that you are more likely to find in the American style range.

Additional holiday modes, electronic displays, built-in water and ice dispensers are all common on American style models and, even though slightly more compact, the freezer compartments especially are more conveniently and accessibly designed.

Most American style models, including all of the models in the CDA range, are freestanding. This is perfect if you are looking to position your appliance outside of your cabinetry. One consideration is the access you will need to get such a large appliance to the kitchen, through doorways and through halls, comfortably to position it in its final location. Traditional fridge freezers are far more easy to get into the house if space is at a premium. We do offer one good solution to this problem, if your heart is set on a freestanding, stainless steel cooling centre. The FF820 & FF880 are individual, imposing and spacious cooling units that can be delivered to the kitchen in two units, later combined with a joining kit into a single fridge freezer.

Choosing a fridge or freezer model depends a great deal on the space you have available and the look you are trying to create. For smaller kitchens, we do compact integrated models and even a slimline PC84 to give the impressive and imposing feature of an American style model in your kitchen. For kitchens who want practical, out of the way storage, a full height fridge and freezer built into your units is the most inconspicuous option.


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