We’re Cooking on Gas…Ceramic and Induction!

To help you get the best from your CDA hob, here are a few handy hints to ensure that you can save energy and make cooking a cinch.

  • To save energy, turn your ceramic hob zone off a few minutes before you have finished cooking and use the residual heat in the zone to finish preparing your meal.
  • Always keep pan handles from sticking out over the front edge of the hob, to prevent accidents and spills.
  • Use the ‘pause’ function on our induction hob models if you have to leave the kitchen. This means that your remaining cooking time will stay on the hob display and that you can pick up where you left off when you return.
  • For more tips on cooking with hobs, head over to the hob buying advice page.

    Unsure on how induction cooking works? No problem, check out our guide on how induction cooking works, where everything you need to know is explained.