Positive News! CDA Becomes Part of the Amica Group

From small acorns mighty oak trees grow…

Nearly a quarter of a century ago we were making just one delivery per day, today our lorries and vans are continuously delivering appliances all over the UK. We know that in order to be the best we have to constantly move forward and so we are pleased to announce the very exciting news that CDA have now become part of the Amica Group.

We will now become a much larger operation, with Amica operating in a total of 50 countries and having over 70 years’ experience, knowledge and expertise. Amica started in 1957 and manufactures freestanding and integrated cookers, ovens, refrigeration, laundry appliances, dishwashers, hobs and microwaves, click here to view the Amica website.

Amica share our vision of providing quality appliances that are stylish & reliable and are proactive about environmental practice, which is so important for all manufacturing brands today. Whilst CDA will remain a brand in its own right, our future together will provide much more for our customers as we have larger production lines and the scope to achieve higher goals as we grow together.

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