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CDA Buying Advice – Why Choose a Wine Cooler

At CDA we understand that you want to keep your wine collection in optimum conditions. Our range of integrated and freestanding wine coolers have been specifically developed in a range of sizes to suit your space and requirements, with unique features that will guarantee perfect storage conditions for your wine.

Wine sales are on the up across the country. More people entertain at home now than ever before and we are becoming more adventurous in the kitchen with international ingredients and complex recipes. The combination of these two elements means that we are taking our wine drinking more seriously. Rather than simply going for a bottle on offer in the supermarket, the label, grape and country of origin are all important in the decision making process.

If our wine is becoming more important it may be time to consider the storage environment in our home too. Light, smells, humidity, vibration and temperature can all spoil wines very easily, which is wasteful if you are investing money into wine or are carefully selecting bottles to be served with special meals. A wine cooler can eliminate all of the variables in the storage environment to provide a constant and reliable preserving cabinet for your entire collection.

Humidity plays an important factor in wine storage, protecting the corks and lifespan of wine. CDA wine coolers are all fitted with a built-in humidifier to ensure that moisture levels can be monitored and controlled at the touch of a button.

There are a range of sizes available, storing from 7 bottles to 126, which allow wine to be arranged on elegant wooden, slide out shelves, clearly illuminated by internal LED lighting. Whilst LED is a safe light source to use on wine bottles, UV light can harm and breakdown molecules in the wine causing it to spoil. We have fitted the range with UV protective, reversible, smoked toughened glass door to prevent sunlight damaging your collection.

Installation is made flexible by installing compressors into our wine coolers; you can even install it next to an oven with no effect on performance. Constant, controllable conditions are maintained which is vital for optimum storage and achieving perfect serving temperatures. We have even installed a temperature alarm to alert you if the door is left open and the temperature becomes too high.

Choose from full height, built-in or under counter wine cooler models in the CDA range and rest assured that every wine cooler is energy efficient, whisper quiet and designed to perform brilliantly. Whatever your requirements, there’s a CDA wine cooler for you.

CDA Wine Cooler

Can I store wine in the fridge?

If you store wine in the fridge at home, you could be storing it at too low a temperature, the light will be having a marginal effect on the wine when you open the door and you are using valuable food storage space. Red wine stored in the kitchen is worst of all with fluctuating temperatures, cooking smells and often bright sunlight streaming into the room.


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