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What size wine cooler do I need?

Whether you choose a built-in or a freestanding model will depend on your kitchen style and layout. With the freestanding range, you can choose between the different sizes and locate it in your dining room or kitchen conveniently for you. An integrated design can be installed at the design stage of your new kitchen to achieve a streamlined bank of appliances at eye level or an off the floor, family-friendly and clutter free space.

There are various sizes available that store anything from 7 to 186 bottles of wine. Your choice will of course be determined by available space and budget but also by the type of wine drinker and collector that you are. If you stock up on your weekly shop with half a dozen crisp bottles of Pinot Grigio then a 15cm model could be ideal for you requirements. This design is perfect for filling in otherwise useless kitchen cabinetry gaps and dead space. However, if you collect both red and white, bring cases home from continental holidays or are part of a wine club then one of our larger models will work better for displaying and maintaining the quality of your collection.

Electronic temperature control plus a temperature memory function allows you to accurately control and maintain your storage environment. In the event of a power cut the memory function will quickly restore your settings to prevent any loss of integrity.

The doors are designed to protect wine against the harmful UV rays in the room. Whilst smoked in appearance, you can see the collection and the LED digital display behind the door glass by way of a safe LED internal light. The door is designed to open at the hinge side with a fixed setting that doesn’t protrude beyond the width of the appliance so that you can fit it right up against the surrounding cabinetry, without a detrimental effect on the door opening angle. This will prevent any unsightly gaps in your kitchen.

CDA Wine Cooler
CDA Wine Cooler

How much can I store in my wine cooler?

The capacity of our wine coolers is measured by 750cl bottles. While you can fit champagne or larger red wine bottles in the coolers, the bottle capacity may be reduced. Each shelf can also be slid out so that you can easily take out the bottle you need and carefully add new bottles to your collection. This slide-out routine can also be employed if you wanted to reduce your overall storage capacity and store champagne in your cooler for a party or special celebration.


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