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CDA Buying Advice – Hobs

Why purchase an induction hob?

Residual heat indicators

Despite the comparative lack of heat after cooking on an induction hob, CDA induction hobs are still equipped with residual heat indicators to warn when a zone is hot after use. These switch on automatically when the zone is switched off, and stay on until the zone reaches a safe temperature to touch.

Energy efficient

Induction technology uses less energy than a conventional ceramic hob. If this isn’t a good enough reason to try it, then what about the responsiveness? Induction is as quick and responsive as cooking on gas. Take a look at the video.


Whilst induction is the most efficient way to cook on a hob, the booster function on each zone makes cooking even quicker, increasing the power level by 33% for a maximum of ten minutes.

Safety key lock

For peace of mind when your hob is unattended, all CDA induction hobs have a safety key lock which switch off the control panel completely. The key lock can be used when the hob is switched off but also during use to prevent accidental changes to your cooking plans.


Offering even more flexibility, a timer that can be set to switch off a cooking zone automatically

Anti-overheat protection

To prevent damage to the hob, each zone is equipped with a temperature sensor. This sensor will automatically switch off the zone if the zone reaches too high a temperature to allow the zone to cool down.

Automatic pan detection

The hob is fitted with sensors that detect if a pan is not in position on a selected zone. Only when a pan is in the correct position will the magnetic field coils be activated. This is a unique feature of induction hobs, where power is applied only when pans are located. If the pan is not correctly in place, the display will show a warning symbol and the zone will not work.

Small object detection

To prevent accidental use of the hob, the small object detection system will switch off the hob automatically if small items, for example cutlery or towels, are left on the control panel. Once these items have been removed, the hob will work as normal.

Induction compatible pans

The only specific requirement for cooking on an induction hob is that only ferromagnetic pans will work (A fridge magnet will stick to the base of the pan if it is compatible with induction hobs). High quality, flat based pans work best with induction and these will also give the best efficiency in use, and new pans will carry this symbol on the packaging to show they can be used.

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