How do you cook? Six cooking styles you might recognise

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Everyone is different when it comes to food. Some people like spicy food, some people have a sweet tooth and others may be more prone to a traditional roast dinner. With different food tastes comes different kitchen styles. Some people like to spend hours in the kitchen cooking up a treat while others might go for the quick and convenient option. We’ve put together some characters that describe the different styles of cooking we see everyday in our kitchens.

This is a light-hearted look at the different cooking styles so please don’t take any offence from our characters. The next time you are in the kitchen however have a look and see if any seem familiar. 

Hot Head

The Hot Head character is the confident cook who knows what they’re doing. They cook a mean spag bol but that’s not without a lot of blood, sweat and tears. The hot head is someone who likes to be in control, yet gets stressed very easily. The air might be a little blue and it’s probably best to avoid the kitchen at all costs when this chef is cooking, but you’ll get a pretty good meal at the end of it.

Outside of the kitchen the Hot Head tends to be hardworking and competitive. They are motivated individuals who are confident and blunt – they are not afraid to get their opinions heard. They tend to have a strong, extrovert personality with a sarcastic humour. They also tend to be quite charming and loyal.

Kale Queen

The Kale Queen is the healthiest of eaters. They love throwing the most random ingredients in a smoothie maker and cooking up some healthy deliciousness with the freshest ingredients from the local food market.

Outside of the kitchen the Kale Queen loves being active and spending time outdoors. They love yoga, going to the gym and hiking through picturesque green surroundings. They are often a calm and peaceful individual, the complete opposite to the Hot Head. You will often find the Kale Queen proudly instagramming her dinners or unwinding with an adult colouring book.

King of the Grill

The King of the Grill is exactly that; he is obsessed with the barbecue and won’t hesitate to get it out come rain or shine – that is what umbrellas are for right? Normally this guy wouldn’t cook but any excuse for a beer and a burger and the grill comes out. You will often find him wearing a cheesy apron that his wife or children bought him for one of the holidays – which they celebrated of course with a barbecue.

The King of the Grill likes to spend his spare time doing odd jobs around the home. He is very house proud and enjoys DIY projects.

Bake Off Wannabe

The Bake Off Wannabe dreams of being a domestic goddess but unfortunately her kitchen attempts often end in disaster. The Bake Off Wannabe watches all the cooking shows, spends hours of each day scrolling down Pinterest looking at amazing cakes and she owns all the kitchen gadgets. Unfortunately, her creations never quite look the way they should and she either sets the smoke alarm off or resorts to packet mixes.

The Bake Off Wannabe is optimistic and creative. She loves spending time with her family and is really friendly. She is a great person to be around – except maybe when she’s cooking.

Recipe Purist

The Recipe Purist is methodical and loves to-do lists and recipe books. Every meal they prepare comes out exactly as planned because they never stray from the instructions. The Recipe Purist eats quite healthy, they make sure they have all the recommended food groups on one plate and in the correct portion size.  

The recipe purist maintains a controlled approach outside of the kitchen. They rely on lists and sticky notes to guide them through their day. You can imagine what their fridge looks like, everything neatly aligned and compartmentalised. They are always on time and they are super organised. They have the cleanest of homes, which can be intimidating if you go around for dinner – just make sure you are careful of your crumbs.

Taste Bud Tester

The Taste Bud Tester is the most dangerous of all cooks. They won’t set your smoke alarm off but they will set your mouth on fire. The Taste Bud Tester loves spicy foods and they use their creative nature to experiment with a full range of herbs, spices and chillies. Their cooking motto is the hotter the better so you need to be feeling very brave to sit at their dining table.

Outside of the kitchen the Taste Bud Tester is adventurous and outgoing. They love trying new things and being experimental. They love to travel and try new foods. Extreme sports are exhilarating to them so be careful if you suggest skydiving, bungee jumping or rock climbing – they will almost always be game.