The Hilarious Truth About Your Favourite Childhood Sweets

 This post will take you on a trip down memory lane. So many great treats, so many wasted pennies…


Sherbet Fountains

What a joy. The best part was the fact that the liquorice used to stick out the end of the packaging. ALL OF THE TIME. The germs really added to the flavour, but unfortunately they decided to add a resealable plastic tube in a move that the Daily Mail described as ‘killjoys taking the fun out of it‘. 



Kinder Surprise

SURPRISE! It’s another few small pieces of plastic that you don’t really know what to do with, just like the last time you invested your pocket money in one. 



Candy Sticks

Not cool? Pfft. The single coolest thing you could do with a sweet as a seven-year-old. 



Fab Lollies

Absolutely not ‘fab’ from the middle section downwards. 



Funny Feet Lollies

Yes, these actually did (and still do) exist. Ew. 



Mint Varieties

Mentos – mostly put into bottles of Diet Coke for the purpose of science. After Eights – rarely seen outside of December, and are dead posh. Smints – not seen since your uncle had a packet in 1998. 

All of the others are likely to be found on young males whilst in a nightclub. 



Candy Necklaces

Each sweet would be carefully bitten in half so that you could ‘slingshot’ the other half across the room. 

Half way through, you’d get bored or feel sick. 

If you were really cool, you’d actually wear it – whilst it repeatedly pinched the skin on your neck. 



The ’99’

Doesn’t – and never has – cost 99p. An absolute outrage that the world will almost never overcome. 




Cost about €5 from a corner shop abroad even though you only got about 10 sweets inside it. So worth it. 



Pick ‘n’ Mix

These days, pick ‘n’ mixes are purchased about as often as people shorten the word ‘and’ to ‘n’. The magic of the pick ‘n’ mix was the fact that it could make your pocket money disappear even though you only have enough sweets to last through the adverts before a film. 



Quality Street

Purchased for your gran at Christmas. When she offers them round, it’s a rush to eat the nice half.

Whether you should put the wrapper back into the tin or not should be settled via national vote. 


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