Enjoy the premium cook experience with our SL670 steam oven.

Whether cooking with full steam, traditional heating or a combination of both, you can re-create professional results at home with 9 pre-selected combination steam recipes. Cook your go-to family favourites or get creative with chef-selected recipes, all whilst cooking in a healthy way and locking in both flavour and nutrients!

With an extra-large capacity of 77l and handy shelves which maximise this cooking space, you can feed the whole family with perfectly cooked dishes. Once your meal is complete, you can enjoy how easy and quick this is to clean with catalytic liners and steam clean programme, making light work of cleaning, leaving you to relax.

All of which is much easier with the pre-set programmes available in the SL670! Our chef curated recipes can be found below, along with which programme setting to use.

Eat up and enjoy!

Step By Step – Instructions

  1. Turn on oven
  2. Choose one of the automatic steam cooking programs
  3. Open the door and slide the dish into the oven
  4. Close the door & press OK button
  5. The display will indicate for you to add water
  6. Open the round steam injection door to the right of the control panel and slowly pour in approx 500ml of water. The oven will beep to say when the tank is full
  7. The cooking program will start
S01 Deep steaming Oven Icon for programme 1 Deep steam cooking Steam 100% 100°C 50 minutes 3 Vegetables, rice, creme brulle Jam Treacle Sponge Beef Suet Pudding
S02 Steam & Grill Oven Icon for programme 2 Steam and Grill Steam 25 minutes
Grill 15 minutes
40 minutes 3 Pasta casseroles, Whole Fish Beef, Ale & Cheddar Cobbler Bolognaise Cannelloni
S03 Reheat & Pasteurize Oven Icon for programme 3 - Reheat and Pasturize Steam 100% 90°C 25 minutes 3 Jams, Chutney Hedgerow Berry Jam Red Onion Chutney
S04 Low & Slow Oven Icon for programme 4 - Low and Slow Steam Injection 80°C 240 minutes 3 Slow cooked meats Beer Braised beef Brisket BBQ pulled pork belly
S05 Slow Cooked Tender Meats Oven Icon for programme 5 - Slow cooked tender meats Steam Injection 70°C 120 minutes 3 Slow cooked delicate meat Whole Dressed Salmon Chicken Chasseur
S06 Bread Oven Icon for programme 6 - Bread
Steam 30 minutes
Baking 30 minutes
60 minutes 3 Bread Focaccia Brioche Buns
S07 Roasted poultry Oven Icon for programme 7 - Roasted Poultry Roasting with Steam Injection 180°C 75 minutes (roasting 60 minutes) 3 Roasted poultry One Pot Roast dinner Tandoori spatchcock chicken
S08 Roast & Steam Oven Icon for programme 8 - Roast and Steam

Grill 20 minutes
Baking with Steam Injection 90 minutes
110 minutes 3 Meat casserole, ratatouille, one pot dishes Aubergine parmigiana Baked Chorizo Ratatouille
S09 Bake & Steam Oven Icon for programme 9 - Bake and Steam Baking with Steam Injection 150°C 120 minutes 3 Pate, Fondant Chocolate Fondant Chicken Biryani
S10 Descaling Oven Icon for programme 10 Descale
SL670 steam oven sitting proudly next to a CDA been to cup coffee machine and microwave set against a sage green kitchen