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CDA Buying Advice – Dishwasher Noise

Our product development team work tirelessly to improve the range alongside introducing new, innovative technology. With ever decreasing noise levels on our dishwashers, you will barely notice that they are on. As well as this, we have delay timers fitted to all models in the range so that you can delay the start of the programme to make use of night-time energy tariffs and avoid hearing even one swoosh of water.

How technology has developed

Insulation, anti-vibration technology, more efficient motors and pumps all work to decrease the noise produced by your dishwasher. In fact, our dishwashers are now so quiet that they register at just 45dBA, which is the equivalent to somewhere between the sound of rainfall and a bird tweeting.

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What should a dishwasher sound like – how to spot problems

The main sounds that you should hear are the water rhythmically swooshing around the dishwasher cavity, occasionally the pump draining or filling the machine and the end of programme signal to let you know that it is ready to empty.

Unusual sounds could occur when you have metal bakeware or large pans inside and the water is spraying directly onto them. Alternatively, if there is a problem with water supply or drainage, you may hear the pump struggling for a longer period than is normal. Another negative sound to listen out for is the audio signal ‘beeping’ before the wash cycle has finished.

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