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CDA Buying Advice – Dishwasher Features

Is there left over lasagne burnt onto your dishes? Are your delicate wine glasses smeared with lipstick? Do you need the starter plates back in time for pudding? We have included a full range of wash programmes to cope with every dishwasher load and soil level. The ‘auto’ settings have been tested to cope with everyday intensive, normal and delicate wash requirements whilst the express and eco, prewash or intensive+ are there for those times when you need more from your dishwasher.


For total piece of mind and to avoid unnecessary damage to your home, the Aquastop system in your dishwasher will automatically cut off the water supply in the event of a leak or flood. Aquastop has further benefits behind the scenes, as flood prevention by the detection of water means your electric components are also protected.

Active drying

This feature means that your dishwasher doesn’t rely on passive heat to dry the dishes. Instead, it forces air around the cavity using a fan; drying them quickly and efficiently.

Water consumption

It is a common misconception that dishwashers use more water than hand washing alone. The average household would complete two lots of hand washing per day, using 21 litres of water each time. With the WC600 having the capability to hold 15 place settings, this can all be done at once using only 9 litres of water.

Top level cutlery basket

This clever addition not only saves space in the lower basket but also allows your cutlery to be lain flat for optimum washing results and minimal spotting and streaking. The thought behind the design is evident here with a tactile, easy grip handle and maximum space utilisation.

Dishwasher capabilities

A Prewash is a useful feature for heavily soiled dishes as well as for rinsing the load if it is going to be standing half full for a while before you run a full cycle. Giving your plates a quick ‘rinse’ is a great idea to prevent smells developing inside the appliance.

The Quick Wash function is ideal for lightly soiled plates, when you have had salads for supper or similar. It is hygienic and fast so that you can clean and put away your plates in the shortest time possible.

The Eco function takes care of potentially excessive water and energy usage by using intelligent sensors to assess the soiling level in your dishwasher, the energy and water will then be adjusted accordingly.

If you want a fast wash but still have dishes with lasagne and curry stuck to them then use the Express function. Still quick, this setting washes at a higher temperature than the Quick Wash to remove stubborn dirt effectively.

The Auto range of settings have been created to give you a quick start selection of wash programmes. Choose from Auto Normal for a standard wash, Auto Intensive for stubborn dirt or Auto Delicate for a party load full of wine glasses and nibbles bowls.

At the top of the ‘dirt’ scale are the Intensive functions. Intensive and Intensive + are there for emergencies, extremely burnt on food or for killing bacteria.

Advantageous features

Some of the useful features on our dishwasher include ‘active drying’ whereby the dishwasher will use the residual heat to dry your dishes so that they are ready to go straight back into the cupboard.

The LED rinse aid and salt indicators are included to alert you when the levels need topping up. This means that you will always be secure knowing that your appliance is operating at an optimum level.

The delay timer is an important addition as it allows you to load up the dishwasher, put in the tablet, set the programme and then pre-set it to start at a more convenient time. This is for making use of cheaper night time energy tariffs, minimising disturbance in the home or even for when you have guests and don’t want to spoilt the ambience.

The half load setting means that you don’t have to wait to fill the whole dishwasher before you switch it on. You can wash either the bottom or the top level, depending on what you need to clean.

We have built in Aqua Stop to our models that helps to prevent any flooding caused by a potential malfunction of your appliance. Should something go wrong, the sensor will detect the water leakage and cut off the supply to limit the damage.

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